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Steno Briefs A - M

common brief forms and phrases

a little ALGTS
a long time LAONGT
a lot LAO
ability ABLT
able to AIBLT
about ABT
above BOV
accurate KRIT
action A*BGS
actual TWAUL
actuality WAUL/TI
actually TWAIL
adds ADZ
admirable AD/MIRBL
admissibility MIBLT
admissible MIBL
ads A*DZ
advance VANS
advantageous VANGS
advisory VAOIZ/RI
after AF
alcohol KHOL
alcoholism KHOL/IFM
all the AULT
allegation AELGS
allege AELG
allergy L-RG
almost L-M
along LAONG
alphabet AFL
alphabetical AEFL
alphabetically AOEFL
already L-R
always AULZ
am I correct MIKT
amount AMT
and a half NAF
and he had SKPED
and he will SKP*EL
and it is SKPTS
and it's SKP*TS
and you have been SKPUFB
angel AING / EL
ankle A*NG / -L
another AOT
anticipation AEPGS
apathy AP/THI
applicant PLIKT
approximately P-L
arbitrarily ARB/TRAIRL
are you able to say RUBLTS
are you able to RUBLT
are you able RUBL
are you familiar RUFM
arrival RAOIVL
article ARL
as much as S-FPS
as much S-FP
as well as SWELS
ask SKP
assemble SEM/BL
assembly SEM/BLI
at a time TAIT
at all times TAULTS
at all TA*UL
at least TLAES
at once TWUNS
at the end TED
at the same time TAIMT
authority THORT
authorization THORGS
authorize THORZ
automobile AUBL
away WAE
baby BAEB
baggy BAEG
bankrupt BRUPT
bankruptcy BRUPS
battle BALT
beautiful BAOUFL
became BAIM
because of the BAUFT
because of BAUF
because BAUZ
become B-K
been B-N
began GAN
begin GIN
begun G-N
behalf BAF
behind HIND
below BLO
better than BERN
between TWAOEN
beyond YOND
bicycle BOIK
billion B-L
bleary BLAOER/YI
body BOED
bossy BOES
bring BRI
brother BROER
brutal BRAOUT / -L
building B-LG
business BIZ
can be K-B
can have K-F
can he have KEF
cancel KANL
cancellation KANLGS
capital KAP / TAL
capitol KAP / TOL
carry KAER
casual KAUZ / -L
cate (suffix) KAIT
cease and desist SD*S
central STRAL
chairman KHAIRM
chairperson KHAIRP
challenge KHAJ
chapel CHAP / -L
chemical KEM / KAL
circle SIRL
circular SIRK/LAR
circumstance SIRK
city council SKOUNS
city STI
coffee KOEF
comfort K-FRT
Committee KM*E
committee KM-E
common sense KM-NS
company KPAEN
concern K-RN
conclude KLU
conclusion KLUGS
condition K-N
conditional K-NL
conduct KUKT
conduct KUKT
confer K-FR
conferred K-FRD
conferring K-FRG
confers K-FRS
confidence K-FD
confident K-FT
conform K-FM
conformity K-FM/TI
connect KEKT
connect KEKT
conscience K-RBS
conscientious KERBS
conscious KORBS
contact KAKT
conversation K FR GS
convict KWIKT
conviction KW*IX
copy KOIP
could find KOUFPD
council KOUN / SIL
counsel KOUNL
couple KOUPL
courageously KRAIJS/LI
court reporter KROERT
coworker CO / WRORK
cozy KOEZ
crazy KRAEZ
credibility KREBLT
credible KREBL
criminal information KRIFGS
criminal intent KRINT
criminal KR-L
crinkle KR*ING / -L
customarily KMAIRL
customary KMAIRL
daily DAEL
dairy DA*ER
danger DAIJ
day of DAIF
dear DAER
decide D-DZ
decidedly D-DZ / DLI
defendant D-FT
defense DEFS
deform DEFM
deformity DEFMT
delay DLAI
denial D-NL
dental DENL
destiny D*ES/NI
detail DAIL
did not D-N
did you believe it D*UBLT
did you believe that DUBLT
did you believe DUBL
did you feel DUFL
did you see DUS
disciplinary SPLAIR
discipline SPLIN
distance SDANS
distant SDANT
District Court DROURT
disturb SDURB
disturbance SDURB/-NS
do not DON
do that DA*P
do this DOJ
do you believe DAOIBL
doesn't DUNT
dollar DLAR
donkey DON/KI
dreary DRAOER/YI
duty DAOUT
e-mail MA*IL
easily EZ / LI
easy EZ
economy KMI
education EGS
educational ELGS
efficient FIRBT
eligibility JIBLT
eligible JIBL
employable PLOIBL
employee PLOE
employer PLOIR
employment PLOIMT
enemy EN/MI
engine J-N
engineer JER
entangle SPWANG / -L
entirely SPWAOIRL
entirely SPWAOIRT
entrepreneur SPWRUR
especially EPS
etc. ETS
every EFR
everyone EFRN
everything EFRG
evidence EVD
evident EVT
examine KP-M
excel X-L
expect X-PT
expectant X-PT/-NT
expected KP-PTD
expel SKPEL
explained X-ND
external STERNL
failure YUR
familiar FLAR
familiarity FLART
family FAEM
fancy FAENS
farther FART
fatal FAIT / -L
fatality FALT
fatally FAELT
father and mother FAM
father or mother FOM
Federal Court FROURT
Federal FRA*L
federal FRAL
felon FLON
felony FLOEN
figure YAOUR
figure YAOUR
filthy FIL/THI
finance F-NS
financial F-NL
first time FIRT
flabby FLAEB
floppy FLOEP
focal FOEK / -L
foggy FOEG
for a FAO
for example FREX
for instance FRIN/STANS
for the record FRORD
for this FOJ
foreign FORN
formal FORM / -L
fortunate F-RNT
fortunately F-RNLT
fortune F-RN
frisk FRIFK
fully FUL/YI
function FUNGS
furious FAOURS
galley GAL/LI
general JEN
generosity JENS / TI
generous JENS
goat GAOT
goatee GOET
going to be G-BT
going to G-GT
golf GOF
good many G-M
government GOFT
gravy GRAEV
guarantee GAERNT
guaranty GAIRNT
guilty G-LT
gullibility GUBLT
had been H-B
had gone H*G
had had H-D
had known H*N
happy HAEP
hasty HA*ES
have had V-D
he had ED
he would ELD
healthy HEL/THI
heavy HEV
help H*EP
helpfully H*EP/FLI
hepa- HEP
herein HAOERN
herself H*ERS
himself H*IMS
his Honor SHON
hobby HOEB
hockey HOK/KI
hone HO*EN
honest HONS
honesty HOENS
honey HOEN
hospital HOPT
hundred HUN
I believe IBL
i can't remember YARM
I couldn't YUNT
I couldn't YUNT
I didn't remember YIRM
I didn't think YING
I don't have YOF
I don't mean to YOMT
I don't remember YORM
I don't think YONG
I don't understand YONDZ
I had ID
I have been IFB
I know KWR*N
I think ING
idea Y-D
ideal Y-L
ideas Y-DZ
if any FAEN
if I was FIFS
if only FONL
if you think so FOUNGS
if you think FUNG
imagine MAJ
impartial KPWAR/-RBL
importance PORNS
important PORNT
in a case NA*IK
in front of me FROEFM
in front of them FROFM
in front of these FROFTS
in front of us FROFS
in front of FROF
in spite of N- / SPAOIF
in the end NED
in this case N*IK
in this N-J
in which N-FP
inactive IN/TIF
income N-K
income N-KT
incomes N-X
incompetence IKTS
incompetent IKT
increase N-KZ
indeed N-D
Individual VIJ
industrialization STRIL/ZAIGS
industry STRI
infect F-K
infection F-X
infirmary N-FRM/RI
inform N-F
information N-FGS
informative N-F/TIV
informed N-FD
informer N-F/ER
informing N-FG
injure JIR
injurious JOURS
Injury JAOUR
innocence NENS
innocent N-NT
innocent NENT
insane IN/SAIN
insanity IN/SAENT
inside N-DZ
insist N*Z
inspect N-PT
inspection N-PGS
instance STANS
instant STANT
instead N-PD
insufficient IN / SUF
insurable SNUR / -BL
insurance SNURNS
insure SNUR
intelligence SPWELG/-NS
intelligent SPWELG/-NT
interest SPW
interfere SPW-FR
interference SPW-FRNS
internal SPWERNL
into the SPWAOT
into SPWAO
invest NVS
investigate NVGT
investigation TPH*FGS
involve VOF
involvement VOFMT
irresistible *IRS/-BL
irresistibly *IRS/BLI
is not SNOT
is that STHA
is there STHR-
issue IRB/YAOU
it is T-S
it would be TWOUB
itself *ITS
jealous JELS
jealously JELS/LI
jewelry JIL
journal JOURNL
journey JUR/NI
just feel J-FL
just have J-F
just will J*L
just J-
juvenile court JOURT
juvenile delinquent JAOUVLD
juvenile JAOUVL
kidney KID/NI
lacy LAES
landlord L-LD
larceny LAERS
last time LAMT
later LAER
lawsuit LAUT
lawyer LAUR
lazy LAEZ
legal LAOEL
let us LETS
liberty LIBT
liberty LIBT
library LAOIB
listen L-N
little LGTS
logical L-L
logically LIL
loyal LOIL
major JOR
majority JORT
manage MANG
manager M-G
many M-
material TERL
matter MAER
may be M-B
Mayor MA*IR
medially M*ED/LI
medical M*K
medley MED/LI
mega (prefix) MEG
mental MENL
mentality MENLT
method MEFD
methodology MEFD/OLG
militarily MILT/LI
militarization MILGS
military MILT
million M-L
minority NORT
miracle MIRK / -L
mist M*IS
mobility MOEBLT
monetarily MON/TAIRL
monkey MON/KI
more than M-RN
more time M-RMT
more PH-R
mortal MORT / -L
most of the MOFT
mother and father MAFR
mother or father MOFR
motor vehicle MOEVK
motorcycle MOIK
movability MOV/-BLT
move MOV
movie MOEV
movie MOV/VI
Mr. Chairman MR-FP
Mr. president MR-PT
must be PHUB
myself MAO*EUS
myself MAO*I
Created by: donnajo0916
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