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8th Grade Greek & La

Week 24

AGON contest, struggle, trial (G)
DROMOS race course, runway, running (G)
MONS/MONTIS mountain (L)
HUMUS earth, soil (L)
FOLIUM leaf (L)
SAL/SALIS salt (L)
MARE sea, ocean (L)
agony intense mental or physical suffering from struggling with a challenge or problem
agonize to suffer agony, or anguish over a decision
antagonize to act in opposition to; to incur or provoke hosillity; to struggle against
hippodrome horse racetrack
dromedary a camel of unusual speed
aerodrome airport runway
palindrome a word, sentence, or verse that reads the same backward or forward
mountain a land mass that rises high above its surroundings
mount to rise, ascend; to place or seat oneself upon something
insurmountable something one cannot rise above
amount a pile or accumulation of anything; the quantity at hand
humus dark organic matter in soils partially containing decomposed vegetable or animal material
humble near the ground; not high or pretentious
humility spirit of lowness; lack of pretension
foliage the leaves of a plant or tree
portfolio a case for carrying loose sheets of paper, music, art, etc.
foliate to put forth leaves; to beat metal into a thin leaf or foil
defoliate to strip off leaves
salt a substance which occurs in nature both in solution and in crystalline form, known chemically as sodium chloride
salary fixed payment made periodically to a person for regular work
salami variety of sausage highly salted and flavored, originally Italian
desalinate to remove salt from water or land
marine (adjective) of or relating to the sea; (noun) a sea soldier
marina a dock or basin offering safe mooring for boats
mariner a person who navigates a ship; a sailor
submarine ship which goes under water in the ocean
Created by: LiseBrinkley
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