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68WM6 P2T15 NeuDisor

Common Neurological Disorders

Headache Classifications and examples/causes of Vascular / Tension / Traction-Inflammatory (Click Again) Vascular - Migraine/Cluster/Hypersensitive || Tension - Psychological/Medical/Stress || TractionInflammatory - Intra/Extracranial/Occlusive Vascular/Infection/Temporal Arthritis
Sinus Headache pain is usually where Behind the forehead and/or cheekbones.
Cluster Headache pain is where In and around one eye.
Tension Headache pain is where Like a band squeezing the head.
Migraine pain is where Classic forms are nausea and visual changes.
Cephalalagia is known as aching of the head.
Where does the pain from headache come from? Scalp's blood vessels and muscles / Dura Matter and its venous sinuses / Blood Vessels at base of brain / Cervical Cranial Nerves
Migraine PRODROMAL signs Visual Field Defects / Disorientation / Parathesias / Paralysis of part of body (rare) (Click Again) Familial evidence
Migraine S/S Hx of recurrent Severe Headaches lasting 1 day or more / nausea|vomit / photophobia / chilliness / fatigue / irritability / diaphoreses / edema (Click Again) Abnormal metabolism of serotonin plays a major role. Hx of repeat migraines is known to cause Atherosclerosis.
Migraine Contributing Factors Stress / Excess Carbs / Iodine Rich Diet / Alcohol / Chemical Additives / Fatigue / Caffeine
Cluster Headache description Episodic (30min-2hrs) / Occurs in clusters / 2-10 per day / Very Little time from onset to max pain (Click Again) Attacks tend to occur same time of day / Affects Men more / Not Familial
Tension Headache description 90% of headaches / described as a band of pressure around head / can be chronic or everyday (Click) Response to: Emotional Stress, Eyestrain, Fixed position for long period.
Headache Assessment (Subjective & Objective) Subjective: Pt understanding of headache and causes / OPQRST / Allergies / Family Hx Objective: Behavior / Stress|Anxiety / ADL's / Temp / Neuro Exam
Headache Dx Tests CT / MRI|PET / Lumbar Puncture (CT 1st) / X-ray / Brain Scan
Managing the Headache Diet: Reduce; MSG, Vinegar, Chocolate, Yogurt, Alcohol, Pork, Fermented|Marinated Food, Cured Sandwich Meat (Click) Psychotherapy: Aware of stress factors / Improve Coping / Relax techniques
Nursing Interventions for pt w/ Headache Teach; Meds / relax|rest techniques / Diet / Log Headaches / Comfort; (click) Comfort Measures; Cold|Warm Packs / Pressure to tem arteries / reduce stimuli / cluster care for rest
You are assessing a Pt c/o migraine attack, your assessment should include? Location / Intensity / Duration / Associated Symptoms (Photophobia, Phonophobia, nausea, vomiting)
A Pt has been c/o headaches. Which of the following would the nurse expect to happen if these were migraine headaches? (a)They are observed during times of stress / (b)They become worse toward the evening / (c)They cause the Pt to experience unusual smells or sounds before the pain begins (Click) (D) Migraine headaches display PRODROMAL s/s before attack ie; smells/sounds
Opiods given to Pt w/ headaches propoxyphene (Darvon) / propoxphene|Tylenol (darvocet-N)
Pharmacological Management for headaches Vascular Headache Supressants; Ergot Derivatives / Serotonin Receptor Agonist / Beta-Blockers
Define Intractable Pain Unbearable pain that does not respond to treatment (click) Chronic / Debilitating / Limit ADL's
Assessment for Pt w/ suspected Neuropathic Pain (S&O) Subjective: OPQRST / Stress? Objective: Behavior / Muscle weakness|wasting / Vasomotor Response (flushing) / Neuro Exam
Dx Test for Neuropathic Pain Electrical Stimulation Test / Psychological testing / Myelogram (back&neck pain)
Non-Surgical Neuropathic Pain control TENS / Spinal Stimulation / acupuncture / Nerve Block / Meds (gabapentin|tegretol) / Counseling
Surgical Neuropathic Pain control Neurectomy / Rhizotomy (cut spinal nerve root) / Cordotomy (cut nerve in SC) / Percutaneous Cordotomy (destroy nerve bundle by use of electrical current)
Clinical manifestations of IICP Deterioration of LOC (Earliest sign) / Pupil dysfunction / Visual Abnormalities / HA / LOMF (late sign) / Alteration of VS / Diplopia / Nausea
Late signs of Brain stem involvement Cushing's Response (wide pulse, ^sysP, bradycardia) / lose brain stem reflex / papilledema / Projectile Vomiting / Hiccup (singultus)
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