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68WM6 PH2T15 IntroNS

Intro to Nervous System

QuestionAnswer2nd Answer
Welcome to my stack. This is tailored to me, and the things I need to study. I left out the things I know. (Flip) So use at your own discretion because I will leave out the things I already know, and the way I phrase things will be in my terms of understanding. Enjoy! (Click Again) Some of my Flash cards have 3 sides!!
NS changes w/ AGING \/ brain wt and neurons -- Alter Sleep/Wake rt -- \/ reg body temp -- \/ nerve impulses -- \/ blood supply to SC = \/ reflex
Neuro Assessment; Subjective and Objective Hx -- Mental Status: PPTP, Gen Know, Mem, Attn, Concentrate, Aphasia -- DYSARTHIA
CT Scan and it's Nursing Managements aka CAT Scan detect conditions of cerebrum and SC WITHOUT radioisotopes (Click Again) // 30-60 lying still // Address Claustrophobia // Allergy to Iodine
What are the LOC? Alert, Disorientation, Stupor, Semicomatose, Comatose
Brain Scan and it's Nursing Managements aka Echoencephalogram, like CT detect conditions of cerebrum except WITH radioisotope. (Click Again) 45 min // IV Line
MRI and it's Nursing Managements aka Magnetic Resonance Imaging, uses magnetic forces to image body structures. Greater contrast than CT.(Click Again) Remove ALL Metal/Jewelry / Assess for metal implants / Noisy
PET and it's Nursing Managements aka Positron Emission Tomography Scan, measure biochemistry process by glucose metalbolism. Pt recieves DEOXYGLUCOSE w/ radioactive FLOURINE. (Click Again) IV Line / 45 min. lying still
Lumbar Puncture Nursing Managements 10-15 min procedure / Slight Pain|Pressure / Sharp Shoot Pain Down Leg / Pt lie flat for hours to prevent headaches
Electroencephalography and it's Nursing Managements aka EEG provides evidence of focal/generalize disturbances of brain function (measure electrical activity)(Click Again) Rest and Quiet prior, 1 hr procedure, Clean hair/scalp, Must rest after procedure
CSF Normal Values Spec Grav 1.007 / pH 7.35-7.45 / Glucose 50-70mg|dL / Gamma Globulin 6-13% tot protein / WBW 0-10 cells
Myelogram and Nursing Managements Identify lesions in intradural or extradural using radiopaque dye. 2 hrs to complete / Slight Discomfort / Diff. Positions / IV and Allergy checks / CT Scan after / Headache and NV common / Pt MUST rest after for FEW hours
Angiography/Digital Subtraction Angiography and Nursing Managements aka Cerebral Arteriography, visualize cerebral arterial systems by injecting radiopaque material. NPO or Clear Fluids / Allergy / VS|Neuro Checks / 2-3 hrs procedure / Hot flush during inj / Bed Rest after procedure / High risk for CVA and|or IIP after
Electromyography and Nursing Managements aka EMG, measures contraction of muscle in response to electrical stimulation. 45 min procedure / Discomfort when inserted and electrical current / Muscle Ache after / Asses Signs of Bleed / analgesia
Created by: 37525634