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vacab level 6

anomalous abnormal, irregular, departing from the usual
aspersion a damaging or derogatory statement
bizarre extremely strange, unusual
brusque abrupt, blunt, no formalities
cajole to coax, persuade through flattery, to decieve with soothing thoughts,
castigate to punish severely
contrive to plan with ingenuity, think up, invent
demagogue a leader who gives false information to gain power
ennui weariness and dissatisfaction, boredom
fetter strain or shackle placed on feet
heinous very wicked, offensive, hateful
immutable not subject to change, constsnt
insurgent one who rebels against athority
megalomania a delusion marked by a feeling of power, wealth, talent
sinecure position of requiring little or no work, easy job
surreptitious stealthy, secret, concealed
transgress to go beyond limit or boundry
transmute to change from one thing to another
vicarious performed, suffered by other person, imagined
Created by: Emily Denmeade