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68wm6 p2 Tum Dis App

Tumors and Disorders of the Appendages

What is the most conclusive test for cancerous growth? Biopsy
Whata re Spider Angiomas? group of venous capillaries that dilate and branch out like spiders
What are spider angiomas associated with? Liver disease
What is a Nevus? A congenital, non-vascular skin blemish. Often called birthmarks or moles
What Nevus is considered precancerous? A raised black nevus
How do Basal Cell Carcinomas look, and where do they occur? Usually scaly in appearance, pearly papule with a central crater and waxy pearly border. Occurs in the epidermis layer.
How malignant are basal cell carcinomas? Rarely metastases, but destruction to underlying structures can be extensive
How do Squamous Cell Carcinoma look, and where do they occur? Firm, nodular lesion topped with a crust or ulceration and indurated margins. Occurs in the epidermis layer on areas most exposed to the sun
How malignant are squamous cell carcinomas? Can metastasize quickly via the lymphatic system
Where do malignant melanomas occure? Cancer originates in the melanocytes of the epidermis. Occurs in the dermis and epidermis layers, can occur in the subcutaneous tissue also.
What are the 'ABCDs' of Melanoma? *A = Asymmetry *B = Border is irregular *C = Color is varied from one area to another *D = Diameter is generally larger than 6 mm (size of a pencil eraser)
What is the Tx of choice for well defined tumors without metastasis? Surgical incision
Why is radiation therapy NOT indicated for primary melanomas? they are radioresistant
What melanoma is radiation therapy indicated in? metastatic cancer originating from a melanoma
What are the chemotherapy drugs used in Tx of melanomas? Cisplatin, Methotrexate, and Dacarbazine
What is the action of Antineoplastic drugs? Antineoplastic drugs affect cells that RAPIDLY proliferate by interfering with the cycle of cell reproduction or by destroying the cell
What normal cells that rapidly proliferate can antineoplastic drugs affect? *GI *Oral cavity *Marrow *Follicles *Gonads *Lymph tissue
What S/Sx are the MOST common with antineoplastic drugs? *N/V/D and Anorexia
List the adverse effects of antineoplastic drugs: *N/V/D *Anoraxia *Alopecia *Bone marrow depression *Infection susceptability *Bleeding/Bruising *Malaise thats worse than the malignancy of the cancer
Why is it important to moniter the weight of a PT on antineoplastic drugs? Dosage is often based on the patient’s weight
What precautions must the PT on antineoplastic drugs be placed on? Reverse Isolation (Protect the PT from infections, not the provider/hospital from PT)
What is Hypertrichosis (Hirsutism)? Excessive growth of hair (Imagine wolfman at the circus, or a sasquatch)
Though the terms Hypertrichosis and Hirsutism are used interchangeably, how do the conditions differ? Hypertrichosis actually refers to excess hair in areas that are not predominantly androgen dependent. Hirsutism is abnormal facial hair on women/children thats normal on grown men.
What is Hypotrichosis? Absence of hair or a decrease in hair growth (like alopecia, but instead of being caused by drugs, it is caused by diseases or disorders)
What is Paronychia? A disorder where the nails get soft or brittle and red shiny skin around nail bed.
What is the treatment of choice for skin malignancies? Surgical excision
Created by: Shanejqb
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