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Ship Structure


Center Girder A vertical plate on the ships center line between flat keel and inner bottom or rider plate, extending the length of the ship. Also called center vertical keel (CVK) or center keelson.
Chain locker A compartment for the stowage of anchor chain.
Collision Bulkhead The foremost main transverse watertight bulkhead. It extends from the keel to the freeboard deck and is designed to keep the entire ship from being flooded in case of a collision.
Corrugated Bulkhead a bulkhead constructed of plate bent in alternating directions, such that welded stiffeners are not required.
Deck Beam An athwartships horizontal structural member, usually a rolled shape, supporting a deck.
Deck longitudinal a longitudinal horizontal structure member supporting a deck.
Deck Stringer The strake of deck plating that runs along the outboard edge of a deck.
Deck Transverse a heavy athwartships horizontal structure, built up from plate, supporting a deck.
Deep Tank tanks extending from the bottom or inner bottom up to or higher than the lowest deck.
Doubler Plate Extra Plates added to strengthen sections where holes have been cut in a structure, or where strain or wear is expected.
Drain Hole / Limber Hole A small hole or slot in a frame or plate for the purpose of preventing water or oil from collecting.
Duct Keel a keel built up to form a box beam, suck that piping and other systems may run fore to aft.
Facing Flat A piece of flat bar or plate welded perpendicular to the edge of another plate to form a flange.
Fairwater plating fitted around the ends of shaft tubes and shaped to streamline the part.
Fantail The overhanging stern section of a vessel, from the sternpost aft.
Flange the turned edge of a shape or girder, which acts to resist bending strain.
Flat bar stiffener A stiffener, usually on bulkhead or solid floor, constructed from a piece of plate , or bar without a flange.
Flate plate keel A keel built up from flat plate, usually consisting of the keel plate , center vertical keel, and inner bottom plating.
Floor vertical transverse plate immediately above the bottom shell plating, often located at every frame.
Forecastle A superstructure fitted at the extreme forward end of the upper deck.
Intercostal side Girder A non-continuous vertical plate stiffener running fore and aft some distance off centerline, fitted between floors in the bottom structure, running from bottom plating to tank top.
Keelson ` A large I-beam placed above the vertical keel on the rider plate for reinforcing the keel.
Lighting hole a hole cut in a structure member where it can be made lighter without reducing its strength.
longitudinal frameing a method of framing a ship characterized by many smaller, closely spaced longitudinal stiffeners.
manhole a hole cut in structural member to provide access for a person to pass through for inspection
Created by: justin.churchill
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