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What is the process in which nutrients are taken in by the small intestine? absorption
these are small sacks in the lungs that exchange gasses alveoli
The measurement from the resting point to the crest or trough amplitude
the angle of reflection is equal to ?? angle of incidence
these are specific particles created to destroy specific disease causing invaders antibodies
a substance the body cannot recognize antigen
what is the largest artery in the body ?? aorta
what are the smallest arteries in the body called ?? arterioles
blurred vision due to the irregular shape of a cornea astigmatism
what type of white blood cell recognizes antigens B cell
what substance breaks down globs of fat in the body ?? bile
the spot on the retina were the optic nerve enters the eye blindspot
made of 55 percent of plasma blood
what are the two tubes that branch out from the trachea bronchi
small air tubes that branch off of the bronchi bronchioles
the small blood vessels that connect arteries to venules capillaries
the basic unit of life cell
what is the process of turning chemical energy into energy for cells to use cellular respiration
what is the green pigment in plant cells chlorophyll
the energy making material in plant cells chloroplasts
a liquid produced in the stomach during digestion chyme
the tiny hairs that filter air as it enters your body cilia
what kind of wave moves parallel to the energy compression wave
this lens refracts light rays away from the focal point concave
this mirror shows an image that magnifies objects. concave mirror
the change of state from gas to liquid condensation
allow us to see color cone cells
coming together at a point converging
highest point on a wave crest
jelly like substance in all cells cytoplasm
the mass of a given volume mass
the change of state from solid strait to a gas deposition
the movement of particles from one area to another of lower concentration diffusion
spreading apart diverging
the small flap that prevents food from going down your trachea epiglotis
the part of the digestive system that connects the pharynx to the stomach esophagus
the eliminating of liquids and solids from the body excretion
when you can only clearly focus on far objects far sighted
the distance in which it takes for light rays to converge after going through a prism focal length
the smallest rays on the electromagnetic scale gamma rays
the structure that sorts protiens in a cell golgi body
cycles per second hertz
the colored ring of muscle around the eye iris
the voice box larynx
the amount of matter in a substance mass
mater in which waves travel through medium
when you can only focus on closer objects near sighted
does not let any light through at all opaque
the diffusion of particles through a semi permeable membrane osmosis
a particle that can cause a disease pathogen
an enzyme in gastric juices pepsin
a type of white blood cells phagocyte
a flat smooth mirror that reflects light plane mirror
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