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Latin Vocab Quiz 4

Catullus 11, 12, 13, 14

litus litoris, n, shore
tundo tundere, tutudi, tunsus- beat/bruise
sive or if
mollis mollis, molle, soft
aequor aequoris, n, sea
gradior gradi, gressus sum- walk/step
fero ferre, tuli, latus- bear
tempto temptare, temptavi, temptatus- test/try/urge
nuntio nuntiare, nuntiavi, nuntiatus- announce/report
complector complecti, complectus sum- embrace/hug
teneo tenere, tenui, tentus- hold
rumpo rumpere, rupi, ruptus- break/destroy
cado cadere, cecidi, casus- fall
pratum prati, n, meadow
praetereo praeterire, praeterivi, praeteritus- pass/go by
tango tangere, tetigi, tactus- touch
manus manus, f, hand
sinister sinistra, sinistrum- left
utor uti, usus sum- use
tollo tollere, sustuli, sublatus- lift/raise
puto putare, putavi, putatus- think
fugio fugere, fugi, fugitus- flee
credo credere, credidi, creditus- believe/trust
frater fratris, m, brother
volo velle, volui- wish
facetiae facetiarum, f, wit
remitto remittere, remisi, remissus- send back/return
verum veri, n, truth
munus muneris, n, gift/service
salsus salsa, salsum- salty/witty
faveo favere, favi, fautus- favor (w/ dative)
dies diei, either masculine or feminine, day
omnis omnis, omne- each/all/every
plenus plena, plenum- full
accipio accipere, accepi, acceptus- take/grasp/receive
suavis suavis, suave- agreeable/pleasant
elegans elegantis- elegant/fine/handsome
do dare, dedi, datus- give
dono donare, donavi, donatus- present/give/grant
rogo rogare, rogavi, rogatus- ask
totus tota, totum- whole/entire
ceno cenare, cenavi, cenatus- dine/eat
iucundus -a, -um, pleasant/agreeable
odio odire, odivi- hate
facio facere, feci, factus- do/make
loquor loqui, locutus sum- speak/tell
perdo perdere, perdidi, perditus- ruin/destroy
deus dei, m, god
mitto mittere, misi, missus- send
reperio reperire, repperi, repertus- discover
dispereo disperire, disperivi, disperitus- die/perish
scilicet certainly
pereo perire, perivi, peritus- die
abdo abdere, abdidi, abditus- remove/put away/set aside
curro currere, cucurri, cursus- run
abeo abire, abivi, abitus- depart/go away
illuc there, to that place
aufero auferre, abtuli, ablatus- bear/carry off
incommodus -a, -um- inconvenient/troublesome/annoying
Created by: kait93