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What are the 3 groups of protists? protozoans, algae & slime molds
Are all protists eukaryotes or prokaryotes? eukaryotes
Is an amoeba an algae or protozoan? protozoan
Is a paramecium an algae or protozoan? protozoan
Are amoeba heterotrophs or autotrophs? heterotrophs
How do amoeba move? pseudopodia
How do amoeba get their food? endocytosis (engulfs)
What do contractile vacuoles do for amoeba? help to remove water from the interior
How do amoeba survive difficult environments (droughty)? form cysts
What do amoeba have that allows them to move by pseudopodia? have a flexible plasma membrane
How do amoeba reproduce? asexually through binary fission
Are paramecium autotrophic or heterotrophic? heterotrophic
How do paramecium take in their food? by ingestion
How do paramecium move? cilia
What do we call the hard outer covering of a paramecium? the pellicle
Do paramecium have contractile vacuoles? yes
How do paramecium sexually reproduce? through conjugation
How do paramecium asexually reproduce? through binary reproduction
Are euglena protozoans or algae? algae
Are euglena heterotrophic or autotrophic? both heterotrophic & autotrophic
How do euglena get their food? they photosynthesize & absorb their food
How do euglena move about? flagellum
What do we call the hard outer covering of a euglena? the pellicle
Can euglena use the eyespot to 'see'? No, the eyespot is used to detect light
Do euglena have contractile vacuoles? yes
How do euglena reproduce? asexually through binary fission
Why are euglena difficult to place in a kingdom? they can photosynthesize like plants, but also absorb food like animals or fungi
Are volvox an algae or protozoan? algae
Are volvox autotrophic or heterotrophic? autotrophic
How do volvox move about? individual cells of sphere have flagella
Volvox are colonial. What does this mean? Many cells live cooperatively together as a sphere
How do volvox get their food? through photosynthesis
What term refers to organisms that have membrane-bound organelles such as a nucleus? eukaryotes
What does it mean to be autotrophic? to feed oneself, such as in photosynthesis of plants or cyanobacteria
What does it mean to be heterotrophic? to consume your food, such as in ingestion by animals or absorption by fungi
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