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Pharm 36 AntiVirals

LECOM Pharm Ch 36 Anti-virals

Inhibitor of viral attachment and entry enfirvutide T-20
This drug used to limit the spread of HIV can cause Guillain-Barre syndrome enfirvutide
These drugs prevent Influenza A from uncoating amantadine and rimantadine
DOC for Infuenza A prophylaxis in nursing homes rimantadine
Nucleoside analogues are used with these 5 viruses HIV, HBV, HSV, VZV, CMV
Selectivity of acyclovir HSV and VZV thymidine kinases phosphoralates ACV more effectively than human enzymes
Acyclovir is used to treat HSV and VZV
More effective but less selective than acyclovir for HSZ and VZV Famciclovir and pnciclovir
This drug comes as an ointment that treats cold-sores cause by HSV penciclovir
Resistance to acyclovir is cause d by mutations in TK gene or DNA polymerase gene
Used to treat serious CMV infections gancyclovir
Drug used to treat CMV retinitis and the drug that needs to be given with it cidofovir and probenacid
Magor side effect of Cidofovir nephrotoxicity
Anti-HIV nucleotide analogue drug given once daily tenofovir
Anti-HBV nucleotide analogue Adefovir
Anti-HIV nucleoside analogue that accumulates in all cells with the least toxicity Lamivudine 3TC
Lamivudine (3TC) can be used to treat what? HIV and chronic HBV with active replication[ Anti-HIV nucleoside analogue with little side effects and once daily dosing
Used to treat serious HSV and CMV infections resistant to acyclovir and gancyclovir foscarnet
Major dose limiting toxicity of foscarnet renal impairment
First anti-HIV drug to be taken once daily efivirenz
HIV Tx, pill containing these 3 drugs approved for once daily treatment efavirenz, tenofovir, and FTC (emtricitabine)
3 NNRTIs and their main downside to HIV treatment efevirenz, nevirapin, delavirdine; rapid resistance when given alone
Class of drugs that allows HIV viral particles to bud but they are immature and noninfectious HIV protease inhibitors more –navir’s
MOA of oseltamivir and zanamivir prevents neuraminidase cleavage of influenza virus tethers
Used as prophylactic treatment of Influenza A and B oseltamivir
Used intravitreally to treat CMV retinitis fomivirsen
DOC for RSV ribavirin aerosol
Used to treat chronic HCV with addition of an interferon ribavirin
Used to prevent RSV in high risk children palivizumab
Used to treat MS interferon-β
Used to treat HCV, HBV, Kaposi Sarcoma, CML, hairy cell leukemia Interferon-α
Used to treat HPV, basal cell carcinoma, actinic keratosis imiquimod
Used to treat HIV and causes dyslipidemia any of the –navir’s
Drug that can induce HUS acyclovir
Can cause metabolic acidosis and decreased intraocular pressure cidofovir
Treats HSV and can cause seizures Foscarnet
Can cause gastric bleeding and aplastic anemia interferon-α
*DOC for influenza A *amantadine , rimantadine
*DOC for RSV *Ribavirin
DOC for CMV retinitis; not intravitreal Val/Gancyclovir
SE for ganciclovir Neutro, leuko and thrombocytopenia, anemia
HIV antiviral class known to have severe drug interactions by causing inhibition of metabolism protease inhibitors
HIV med used to reduce transmission during birth zidovudine AZT
DOC for herpes and its MOA Acyclovir and inhibits thymidine kinase (DNA polymerase in book)
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