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Health careers

Intro to health science

What are Health occupations education (HOE) programs and where are they offered? offered at high school level prepare stud for immed. employment & add. education
What is Post-secondary education? education received after graduation from high school, incl: career-tech, comm. college & universities
List degree types: Associate's, Bachelor's, Master's, & Doctorate
Name methods used to ensure skill & competency of health care personnel & protect pt. Certification, Registration, Licensure
Issued by professional association or government agency that requires a particular career, issued if person fulfills requirements of education, performance, and meets standards Certification
granted by regulatory body in health care area, administers exam & maintains list of qualified personnel. Registration
Govt. agency authorizes indiv. to work in a given occ. Req: complete approved ed progrma, pass st board test, and maintain certain standard to obtain and retain licensure Licensure
What is a CEU? Continuing education units-req to renew lic. or maintain cert or reg.
List types of Training: Professional, Technologist or therapist, Technician, Assistant or aide
Professional training usually req 4+ yrs coll & adv. degree Ex: doctor or dentist
Technologist or therapist Req 3 or 4 yrs coll plus work exp, usually Bach. Ex:medical tch, radiological tech.
Technician Usu. req 2yr Associate's, special health occ educ or 3-4 yrs on job training Examples: dental lab tech, med. lab tech.
Assistant or Aide req 1 or more yrs of training that comb. classroom and/or on job train. Ex: dental, medical, or nursing assist.
Multicompetent or Multiskilled worker workers perform variety of occupations, eliminates need for employing specialist for all aspects of care
NHCSS National Health Care Skill Standards
why were they developed & how many groups? to indicate knowledge and skills expected of HCW, Six
OT Occupational Therapist
Doctor of Dental Medicine DMD
EMT Emergency Medical Technician
Certified Biomedical Equipment Technician CBET
RN Registered Nurse
RD Registered Dietician
Doctor of Dental Surgery DDS
DPM Doctor of Podiatric Medicine
DC Doctor of Chiropractic
Physical Therapist PT
Certified Medical Technician CMT
LPN Licencsed Practical Nurse
Respiratory Therapist RT
SLT Speech Language Therapist
What is the abbrev. for a Social Worker? SW
SLP is abbrev. for what career? Speech Language Pathologist
What is the abbrevv. fore Licensed Massage Therapist? LMT
Which degree is awarded by a technical or comunity college & requires completion of prescribed 2 year course of study? Associate
Which degree is awarded by a college or university and requ. completion of prescribed course of study that usually lasts for 4 or more years? Bachelor
Created by: jmwgreene