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SWC Asia

Spalding Academy 9th Grade 2011

Underground water-bearing layers of porous rock, sand, or gravel Aquifer
Suitable for growing crops Arable
A traditional marketplace ranging from a single street of stalls to an entire city district Bazaar
The removal of salt from seawater to make it usable for drinking and farming Desalination
To adapt plants and animals from the wild to make them useful to people Domesticate
A ban on trade Embargo
The basic urban necessities like streets and utilities Infrastructure
Belief in one God Monotheism
To place a company or industry under gov’t Nationalize
Small area in a desert where water and vegetation are found Oasis
Chemical product derived fro petroleum or natural gas Petrochemical
Natural mineral containing chemical compounds often used in fertilizers Phosphate
Be able to identify the following on a map Anatolia, Caucasus Mountains, Sahara Desert, Arabian Sea, Black Sea, Indian Ocean, Jordan River, Persian Gulf, Red Sea, Tigris River
Country w/ highest population Egypt (72,100,000)
Country w/ lowest population Qatar (600,000)
Country w/ highest literacy rate Georgia (100%)
Country w/ lowest literacy rate Afghanistan (28%)
Country w/ highest life expectancy Jordan, Israel (80)
Country w/ lowest life expectancy Afghanistan (45)
List 3 ethnic groups and what country they live in Caucasian (Armenia/GA), Turkic (Uz, Kaz, Tajik), Kurds (Iraq)
Country whose main religion is Islam? Iraq, Iran, Qatar, Bahrain, etc
Country whose main religion Christianity? Armenia, GA
Country whose main religion Judaism? Israel
Name two early civilizations and their accomplishments Mesopotamia (Cuneiform), Nile (Hieroglyphics)
Who founded Judaism? Israelites
Jewish holy book? Torah
Where do Jews worship? synagogue
Name of Jewish religious leader? rabbi
Who founded Christianity? Jesus
Christian holy book? Bible
Where do Christians worship? Church
Name of Christian religious leader? priest
Who founded Islam? Muhammad
Muslim holy book? Koran
Where do Muslims worship? mosque
Name of Muslim religious leader? imam
Describe 1 conflict in this region Palestine/Israel. Fight over rule of Israel. 4 major wars.
What are the 5 pillars of Islam and what do they mean? 1) shahadah: testimony/belief, 2) Salat: prayer, 3) Zakat: almsgiving, 4) Sawm: fasting, 5) Hajj: pilgrimage
Describe 1 Jewish holiday Passover. Celebrates when spirit passed over blood stained doorway. Kill 1st born sons everywhere else. Eat matzo, clean house
What is a main environmental concern for this region? What caused it? How can it be fixed? Lack of water. Cause: nature/irrigation. Fix: collect rainwater, desalination
Describe the importance of oil in this region—not just economically, think also about infrastructure, education, and social welfare Provides a lot of money, creates solid infrastructure, emphasis on education, improves social welfare
Describe the three major religions that originated in this region—how are they the same? How are they different? Same: Monotheistic, worship God, have a holy book, belief in Abraham and different prophets, Different: founders, holy book, languages, holidays
Were Amir and Hassan good friends? Why or why not? What were some of the challenges they faced? How did the Afghan government affect them? Opinion
Created by: rejoyce431