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Human Body Systems-

human body systems

Jobs of the skeletal system structure, shape, protection, movement
Jobs of the muscular system structure, shape, movement
Jobs of the respiratory system take in oxygen, eliminate carbon dioxide
Jobs of the circulatory system transport oxygen & nutrients to the cells
Jobs of the nervous system send and receive messages from all parts of the body *controls all other body parts
Jobs of the digestive system break down food and provide nutrients to the cells
Main parts of the respiratory system lungs, trachea, air sacs
Main parts of the circulatory system heart, arteries (AWAY from heart), veins (TOWARDS heart), capillaries
Main parts of the nervous system brain, nerves, spinal cord
Main parts of the digestive system esophagus, stomach, small intestine, large intestine
3 main types of bones long, short, flat
3 types of muscle cardiac- heart smooth- organs skeletal- attached to bone
Most active muscle in body eye
How many skeletal muscles do humans have? Approximately 640
The trachea branches out in the lungs. At the end of each branch are tiny _______________. air sacs
Messages in the body are sent along _________. nerves
The ____________________ is a smooth bag of muscles that squeezes food and adds digestive juices. stomach
The ________________ carries food to the stomach. esophagus
The _______________________ is a tube of nerves that runs through your spine. spinal cord
Choose 2 body systems and explain how they work together in the human body. *Answers will vary. Possible pairings of systems: skeletal & muscular respiratory & circulatory nervous & ANY other system digestive & circulatory
Created by: rhealy