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Infant Milestones

Development milestones ages 1-12 months

1 month Activity primarily reflexive
1 month Starts turning head side to side
1 month Marked head lag
1 month Grasp reflex strong
1 month Vocalization includes cries to express displeasure and comfort sounds during feeding
1 month Watches parents' faces while they talk
2 months Posterior fontanel closes
2 months Less head lag than at 1 month
2 months Sits with head up, propped up with arms in front
2 months Hands open, grasp reflex fading
2 months Binocular fixation/ convergence begins
2 months Visually searches to locate sounds
2 months Crying begins to be differentiated
2 months Demonstrates social smile
3 months Primitive reflexes begin to fade
3 months Still bobs forward when sitting, but holds more erect position
3 months Can raise head and shoulders from prone position
3 months When held in standing position, able to bear slight weight on legs
3 months Regards own hand
3 months Actively holds rattle but will not reach for it
3 months Grasp reflex absent
3 months Clutches own hand
3 months Follows objects to periphery
3 months Squeals aloud to show pleasure
3 months Coos, babbles, chuckles
3 months Ceases crying when parent enters room
3 months Begins to recognize familiar faces and objects, such as bottles
3 months Shows awareness of strange situations
4 months Drooling begins
4 months Almost no head lag
4 months Balances head well in the sitting position
4 months Inspects and plays with own hands, begins to try to reach for objects
4 months Beginning hand-eye coordination
4 months Laughs aloud
4 months Demands attention by fussing
4 months Becomes bored if left alone
4 months Anticipates feeding when sees bottle or breast
4 months Shows excitement with whole body, squeals, breathes heavily
4 months Able to sit upright if propped up
4 months Rolls from back to side
4 months Begins to carry objects to mouth
5 months Beginning signs of tooth eruption
5 months No head lag
5 months Turns from stomach to back
5 months Able to grasp objects voluntarily
5 months Plays with toes
5 months Uses palmar grip
5 months Visually pursues a dropped object
5 months Can differentiate strangers from family
6 months Birth weight is doubled
6 months Height is 50% more than at birth
6 months Teething begins
6 months Lifts chest and upper abdomen off surface, bearing weight on hands
6 months Rolls from back to abdomen
6 months Holds bottle
6 months Grasps feet and pulls to mouth
6 months Recognizes parents; fears strangers
6 months Holds arms out to be picked up
6 months Begins to imitate
6 months Searches for a dropped object
7 months Bears full weight on feet
7 months Transfers objects from one hand to another
7 months Responds to own name
6 months "Talks" when others are talking- one syllable utterances
7 months Chained syllables such as baba, dada
7 months Plays peek-a-boo
7 months Oral aggressiveness in biting and mouthing
8 months Begins to show regular patterns in bladder and bowel elimination
8 months Sits readily unsupported
8 months May stand holding onto furniture
8 months Beginning pincer grasp
8 months Combines syllables like dada but does not attach meaning to them
8 months Increasing separation anxiety
8 months Respons to "no"
9 months Creeps on hands and knees
9 months Pulls self to standing position and stands holding onto furniture
9 months Crude pincer grasp
9 months Preference for dominant hand now prominent
9 months Comprehends "no no"
9 months Shows interest in pleasing parent, mother becomes more important
9 months Begins to show signs of fear of being left alone
10 months Changes from prone to sitting position
10 months While standing, lifts one foot to take a step
10 months Says dada and mama with meaning
10 months Waves bye-bye
10 months Develops object permanence
10 months Plays pat-a-cake
10 months Cries when scolded
10 months Follows pictures in a book
11 months Crusing begins
11 months Neat pincer grasp
11 months Drops object purposely for it to be picked up
11 months Reacts to restrictions with frustration
11 months Shakes head for no
12 months Birth weight tripled
12 months Head and chest circumference equal
12 months Anterior fontanel almost closed
12 months Walks with one hand held
12 months Early independent walking
12 months Attempts to build a two-block tower but fails
12 months Says three to five words
12 months Recognizes objects by name and imitates animals
12 months Understands simple verbal commands
12 months Shows emotions such as jealousy, affection, fear, anger
12 months Fearful in strange situations, clings to parent
12 months Increasing practice of locomotor skills
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