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Glaciers Science

Sharp, narrow ridge between two cirques, as a result of glacier erosion Arete
Bedrock Solid rock that was scratched by moving glaciers
Process by which ice breads off a glacier's end and falls into the ocean to become an iceberg Calving
Cirque Bowl shaped or amphitheater sculpted out of the mountain terrain by a glacier- it is the source of a glacier
A long narrow crack or opening in the glacier surface Crevasse
Drumlin Mound of glacier till with one steep side and one gentle side, it shows the direction the glacier moved
A rock or boulder that was moved to a new location by a glacier- it does not fit or match its environment Erratic
Eskers Very long snakelike ridges of sand and gravel
A long narrow coastal inlet with steep sides formed by glacial action Fjord
Glacial flour A fine powder of silt particles that always float and make the water an aqua or milky color
Accumulations of unsorted, mixtures of clay, silt, sand, gravel, and boulders; the usual composition of a moraine Glacial till
Hanging valley A valley that ends at a cliff with a steep rock wall and usually a waterfall
A large mass of ice that has broken away from a glacier and floats in the sea Iceberg
Kames Ridge formed by a glacier; a ridte of sand and gravel left by a melting glacier
A ridge-shaped moraine deposited at the side of a glacier and composed of material eroded from the valley wall by the moving glacier Lateral moraine
Medial moraine a ridge-shaped moraine in the middle of a glacier originating from a rock outcrop
When the position of a mountain glacier's terminus is farther up-valley than before Retreats
Striation Grooves or deep scratch markes created by a glacier
A glacial lake that is found in a cirque after the glacier melts Tarns
Terminal moraine Glacial till at the end of the glacier
A valley carved into the shape of a "U" by glacier action U- shaped valley
V- shaped valley A valley carved into the shape of a "V" usually by a river
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