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Ergot Alkaloids

Manage Postpartum Bleeding

WHAT ARE EGROT ALKALOIDS? directly stimulate uterine muscle, increase the force and frequency of contractions, and produce a firm tetanic contraction of the uterus, they can produce vasoconstriction in the arteries and vasospasm of the coronary arteries
GIVE SOME EXAMPLES OF ERGOT ALKALOIDS Ergonovine Maleate (Ergotrate, ergometrine), Methylergonovine Maleate (Methergine)
WHAT ARE ITS USES? postpartum bleeding, postabortal hemorrhage due to atony or involution
WHAT ARE THE ADVERSE REACTIONS AND CONTRAINDICATIONS OF ERGOT ALKALOIDS? nausea, uterine cramping, bradycardia,dysrhytmias, MI, and severe hypertension, it's contra during pregnancy and in clients with significant Cardiovascular disease, Peripheral Vascular disease or hypertension
WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU GIVE HIGH DOSES? it can be associated with peripheral vasoconstriction/vasospasm, angina, miosis, confusion, respiratory depression, seizures, or unconsciousness, uterine atony can occur
WHAT DO YOU DO WHEN YOU ADMINISTER E.A.'S? you monitor VS, including I&O, LOC, and lung sounds. you should monitor BP closely,if it rises, withhold med and then notify the doctor.
You monitor uterine contractions for frequency, strength and duration. Then you also assess for chest pain, headache, SOB, itching, pale or cold hands or feet, nausea, diarrhea, dizziness. Assess the color, warmth, movement and pain (extremities)
assess for vaginal bleeding. b/c it creates painful contractions, you may administer analgesics.
Created by: diannebaci