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Parsimony Stingness, Meanness, selfishness
Zenith Peak, Climax, Culmination
Torpor Apathy, disinterest
Reticence Slience, closeness, reserve
Respite Pause, suspenion in activity
Fastidious very careful, meticulous
Supercilious arrogant, stuck-up, cocky
Disparaging Criticze, detract from, abuse
Inventive verbal abuse, accusation, blame
Laconic Short, to the point, breif
Zealot enthusiastic,activist,fantastic
ambiguous more than one meaning, unclear
elegiac mornful,sad,reflective
indignant resentful,angry
irreverent disrespectful,awless,crusty
querulous grouchy, hard to please
tenacity stubborness,diligance
Prosaic unimaginative,factual,boring
sycophant suck-up, push-over, brown-noser
Acquiesce agree with sime reluctance
Amity friendship, concord, friendliness
Arduous difficult, hard to endure
Gestalt agreement, composition, contour
Inundate drown, overwhelm, deluge
Perjury lying while under oath
Perspicuity clarity, accuarcy, articulateness
preposterous rediculous, bizzare
Trepidation anxiety, worry
Voluble talkitive, big-mouthed, articulate
Fervent enthusiastic,excited, egar
Fortuitous lucky, accidental, chance
Germane appropriate, akin, applicable
Incessant never-ending, persistent, constant
Indulgent lenient, giving
Listless spiritless, without energy,absent
Profuse abundant, excessive
Superficial without depth, detail
Unobtrusive keeping a low profile
Vulnerable open to attack
Emphemeral momentary, breif
Bombastic big-talk, pompous, grandiloquent
Cogent effective, compelling, convencing
Conciliatory calming, yeilding, appeasing
Derisive mocking, Critical, expressing discontent
Dogmatic arrogant
Effusive gushing,profuse, big mouth
maudlin over emotional
Facetious clever, kidding, amusing
obsequious groveling, submissive, beggarly
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