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Body Systems

What is a tissue? large group of similar specialized cells
What is an organ? a group of related tissues that perform a specific function
Organs are formed from what? cells
Organs are organized into what? organ systems
What are organ systems? related orans that work together to perform a specific function
When organ systems comn=bine, what do they form? entire organism
What is the circulatory system responsible for? bringing oxygen and nutrients to all cells and take carbon dioxide and wastes away from the cells
What are the main parts of the circulatory system? heart, arteries, veins, and capillaries
what do the main parts of the circulatory system do? arteries carry the blood away from the heart, veins carry blood to the heart, and capiallaries conects arteries and veins
What is the respitory system responsible for? bringing oxygen to the blood
what are the main parts of the respitory system? bronchial tube, lungs, alveoli, and diaphragm
what do the main parts of the respitory system do? alveoli transfers oxygen to surrounding cappillaries, capillaries give alveoli carbon dioxide, diaphragm pulls downward to create more room in chest when you inhale and does the opposite when you exhale
What is the digestive system responsible for? breaking down food into simpler substances
What are the main parts of the digestive system? salivary glands, esophogus, stomach, liver, pancreus, and small and large intestine
what do the main parts of the digestive system do? esophogus lets the broken down fod from the mouth to go through to the stomach, stomach breaks down food even more, small intestine lets the broken down food go though to the liver and pancreus, liver and pancreus break up the food even more and lets them
what are villi and what system are they apart of? fingerlike projections in the digestive system
what is the nervous system responsible for? recieving and processing information and controls how the body reacts and moves
what are the main parts of the nervous system? eyes, brain, and spinal chord
what are neurons? send information to different parts of your body
what do the main parts of the nervous system do? brain made up of lot of neurons that work together to make you think, remember, interpret info, and control body, spinal chord mass of nerves connected to the brain that sends info out to the rest of your body
what is the muscle and skeletal systems responsible for? muscular allows you to do many things and the skeletal provides shape, support, and protects the organs
what do muscle tissues do? controls you breathing, blood pressure, and digestive functions
what is a cardiac muscle? found only in the heart and involuntary
what are skeletal muscles? attatched to bones and voluntary
What are bones held together by? ligaments
what are bones attatched to muscles by? tendons
Created by: jhart33