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Top 3 causes of death in older adults Heart disease, malignant neoplasms (cancers), & cerebrovascular diseases
Manifestations of reduced nerve conduction in the elderly Diminished reflexes, impaired learning, confusion
#1 cause of falls in elderly Nocturia
#1 cause of fainting in elderly Posterial orthostatic hypotension (changing positions)
Manifestation of glaucoma and cataracts in elderly Inability to tolerate glare
Colors that the elderly most frequently have difficulty distinguishing Green and Blue
Presbycusis Decreased ability to hear high pitched tones
Presbyopia Decrease in visual accommodation
Most common affective disorder in elderly Depression
Delirium Acute, confused state that begins with disorientation
Factors leading to depression changes in serotonin, chronic illness, meds (finances, sexual desire)
Common cause of delirium in elderly UTI
Diagnosing Alzheimer's disease Only accurate way is autopsy. Living pt.s diagnoses are based on symptomology
Vascular dementia is commonly a precursor to ______. Elevated BP/Cholesterol
Diagnosing vascular dementia White/grey matter viewed on CT
Common cause of vascular dementia Stroke (lack of O2 to brain)
Field of practice that focuses on physiology, diagnosis, mgmt of disorders, diseases of older adults Geriatrics
Field of nursing that utilizes nursing process for older adults in all environments (acute, intermediate, skilled, care and community) Gerontological/geriatric nursing
Combined biologic, physiologic, sociologic study of older adults within their environment Gerontology
Sundowning Confusion at night
Ways to support cognitive function in older adults Crosswords, color coding, clocks, calendar
Ways to promote physical safety in elderly No rugs, handrails, higher toilets
Administration of multiple meds at same time Polypharmacy
Changes on med effects with age Absorption, Metabolism, Distribution, Excretion
Factors that affect elderly compliance with drug regimen Cost, side effects, confusion on frequency (regimen)
Strategy to improve elderly compliance with meds Improve frequency of regimen (Aim for most drugs 1x/day, as many as possible at same time)
Manifestation of diminished thermoregulation Altered febrile response
When is a medical condition considered chronic? 3 months or longer
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