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68wm6 p2 Inf Par Ski

Infectious, Inflammatory, and Parasitic Disorders of the Skin

What virus is involved with herpes simplex? Herpes virus hominis
What characterizes Type 1 Herpes Simplex? vesicles at the corner of the mouth, lips, or in the nose causing the common cold sore.
What characterizes Type 2 Herpes Simplex? by vesicles in the genital areas transmitted primarily through sexual contact
How long may the lesions from Herpes Simplex last? 2 to 3 weeks
What occurs after the vesicles erupt in herpes simplex type 2? Headache, fatigue, myalgia and elevated temperature, or flu-like symptoms occur 3-4 days after the vesicles erupt
What is the medical Tx of Herpes? *Acyclovir (Zovirax) *Analgesics (Tylenol)
How does Acyclovir (Zovirax) Tx herpes? when the herpes virus attempts to reproduce and spread to other cells in the body, Zovirax disrupts the replication of the viral DNA
What causes Herpes Zoster? the varicella virus that causes chicken pox (Herpes varicellae) 
What characterizes Herpes Zoster? by lesions along the nerve fibers of spinal ganglia
What are the first symptoms of herpes zoster? are pain, itching, and heightened sensitivity along the nerve pathway
How long dos the pain from herpes zoster last? 7 to 28 days
What lotions relieve pruritis in PTs with outbreaks of herpes zoster? *Kenalog *Lidex
Wet dressings may be soaked in what to to loosen crusts, decrease oozing, and soothe affected areas in PTs with outbreaks of herpes? Burrows solution
What causes impetigo? staphylococcus aureus, streptococci or a mixed bacterial infection of the skin
How does impetigo appear? Honey-colored crust over dried lesions and smooth, red skin under the crust
Tx of impetigo: *Clean the area with antiseptics such as Betadine or Hibiclens, then remove dry exudates using special instruments *Apply topical antibiotics several times a day
What causes Furuncles (boils)? A bacterial inflammation of the skin caused by Staphylococcus infection of a hair follicle
What are Dermatophytoses? Fungal infections
What is Tinea Capitus? ringworm of the scalp
How does Tinea Capitus appear? *Erythematous, round lesions with pustules around the edges *Causes alopecia at the site
What is Tinea Corporis? ringworm of the body
How does Tinea Corporis appear? *Flat lesions that are clear in the center with erythematous borders (almost like bullseyes) *Scaliness is found *Pruritus is severe
What is Tinea Cruris? "Jock Itch"
How does Tinea Cruris appear? *Brownish-red lesions that migrate out from the groin area *Pruritus *Excoriation due to scratching
What is the most common of all fungal infections? Tinea Pedis "athletes foot"
How does Tinea Pedis appear? Fissures and vesicles found around and below the toes
Topical Tx of fungal infections: Tinactin and/or Desenex
Oral Tx of fungal infections: Fulvicin and/or Grifulvin
How long does Tx of fungal infections last? 2 to 6 weeks
What kind of light is a tool in diagnosing tinea capis? Woods lamp
What are elevated in PTs with contact dermatitis? IgE levels and eosinophils are elevated
Rx Tx of contact dermatitis: *Corticosteroids and Benadryl to treat the inflammation, edema and pruritus *Wet dressings using Burow's solution
Should hot or cold compresses be applied to herpes outbreaks? Hot
Should hot or cold compresses be applied to contact dermatitis? Cold
What is Dermatitis Venenata? the common term for poison ivy and poison oak
What is Acne Vulgaris? An inflammatory papulopustular skin eruption that involves the sebaceous glands, which developes when oil glands become occluded.
What is Psoriasis? A NONINFECTIOUS disease where skin sloughing and generation of new skin cells occurs more rapidly than the normal 28 days
How does Psoriasis appear? Lesions appear as raised, erythematous, silvery, scaling plaques
Where does Psoriasis generally appear? scalp, elbows, knees, chin and trunk
What will a PT with psoriasis C/O? Mild pruritis
What is given to PTs with psoriasis to decrease shedding of skin? Keratolytic agents such as tar preparations and Salicylic Acid (Calicylic)
What is PUVA therapy? *Photochemotherapy involves the use of methoxsalen (Psoralen) is given orally *The patient then is placed under ultraviolet light A
What is PUVA therapy used to Tx? *Psoriasis *Eczema *Dermatitis *Vitiligo
What vitamin may reduce epidermal proliferation in psoriasis? Vitamin D
What are Pediculosis? *Lice *A parasitic disorder of the skin usually associated with poor living conditions and poor hygiene
Inspection of the skin of a PT with Pediculosis will reveal what? erythema, petechiae and skin excoriation in the area of the lice or nits
What are the pediculocides used in Tx of lice? Lindane (Kwell) or pyrethrins (RID)
How long should a PT with lice contaminated items be bagged in sealed plastic bags to kill lice? 2 weeks (If they cannot be laundered)
What causes scabies? *The female itch mite penetrating and burrowing under the skin *Once under the skin the mite lays eggs that mature and rise to the skin surface
Where is scabies normally found? *hands *arms *body folds *genitalia
Medical Tx of scabies: *Lindane (Kwell) and/or pyrethrins (RID) *Crotamiton (Eurax) *4%-8% solution of sulfur in petrolatum
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