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Wreck of RMS Titanic

Weekly Selection Test

What does the word seidment mean in this sentence? There was SEDIMENT in the cup. solid matter that settles at the bottom of a liquid
What does the word sonar mean in this sentence? The fishing boat uses SONAR. equipment that uses sound waves to locate underwater objects.
What does the word debris mean in this sentence? It was difficult to walk through the DEBRIS. broken pieces
What does the word robotic mean in this sentence? The ROBOTIC toy rolled across the room by itself. computer operated.
What does the word cramped mean in this sentence? The car was CRAMPED. not having much space.
What does the word ooze mean in this sentence? She put her feet in the OOZE. soft mud.
What does the word interior mean in this sentence? The INTERIOR of the house was clean. inside
How are the pictures most helpful in understanding the selection? the show equipment that the author used as well as the shipwreck.
Why did the noise of the sonar speed up? The submarine was getting closer to the shipwreck.
Why did the Titanic sink? It hit an iceberg.
How were Fredrick Fleet and Minnie Coutts alike? The both survived.
What resource could you use to prove the fact that over 1,500 people died out of the more than 2,200 people on board? encyclopedia
What happened first? The lookout warned that there was an iceberg.
What was the most likely reason the author wrote this selection? teach readers about the Titanic.
A statement of opinion about this story would be? Most haunting of all were the shoes and boots.
A detail that LEAST supports the main idea of the selection would be. "Inside the cramped submarine, all I could heae was the steady pinging of the sonar..."
One main idea from the selection would be? The Titanic is a fascinating shipwreck.