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lesson 7a

Appropriate suitable, proper
contradict to say that a statement in not true or to say the opposite
fraud cheating; dishonest dealing; a trick that is meant to deceive
heritage something that is passed on from one's ancestors or handed down from the past, either property (money or goods) or something that is not what it seems to be
hostile referring to an enemy
intelligible understandable; clear
intervene to happen or come between
invalid a sick, weak person who cannot get around, especially one who has been in poor health for a long time
jostle to push aside or crowd against
majestic dignified; noble;grand
obliging ready to do favors; helpful;friendly
parch to make or become hot & dry or thirsty
potential possible but not yet actual; capable of becoming real
scurry to run quickly; to hurry
shiftless lazy;careless; good-for-nothing
Created by: fvazquez841