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Huck Finn

twain's real name? born? home town? book based upon what town? Mark Twain- his real name was Samuel Longhorn Clemens; he was born on November 30, 1835; he's home town was Hannibal, Missouri, and he based the hometown of Saint Petersburg on this town in the book
twain's 1st major job? His first major job was was a cub pilot, he steered steam boats on the Mississippi
1st event that made twain depressed? In 1858, Henry, Marks Twains brother, died from inhaling hot steam that burned his insides and while being treated for that some doctors over dosed him on morphine
2, 3, 4th events that made twain depressed/ the death of his son they went into debt and had to move to Europe Susie died of meningitis
5th and 6th events that made twain depressed/ June 5th, 1904- his wife died of old age Jean died of heart failure
what wasnt twain successful at? Mark Twain became a silver prospector but wasn't successful, but during this time he gathered much information for his later writings
1st story that made twain successful? The story that made him famous: his first story, "The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County"
what did twain become in 1866? In 1866, he began to become a public lecturer, he got about the same amount of money from doing this as his writings
twain's wife's name? nick name? before marriage? His wife's name was Olivia Langdon, he called her Livy; before he got married his father-in-law made him get references to prove that he was a good man
twain's forst novel? His first novel was The Innocents Abroad
4 kids names? His first son was named Langdon, but he died very young, but soon after that he had a daughter Susie, and their second daughter's name was Clara, and their third daughter's name was Jean
2nd most famous novel? The Adventures of Tom Sawyer was the novel that set him for life, his second most famous book
twain's most famous novel? years? His most famous book was Huckle Berry Finn it was written in 1884- 1885
1895 set off to do what? 1895- started his around the world lecture tour, this helped him get out of debt
1896 - 2 tragities? 1896- Susie died, and Jean was diagnosed with Epilepsy
came home? degree? why? Eventually he paid off all his debt and moved back home he was giving an honorary degree from Oxford Universit
died when? April 23rd, 1910- he died
when did twain's wife die? June 5th 1904 His wife Livey died (5th bitterness)
(caricature drawings? (caricature drawings - big heads)
4 motifs? 3 symbols? paper
symbol of miss river? the Mississippi River- it changes what it symbolizes, at the beginning it is a symbol of escape and freedom, at the end it becomes more of a trap for Huck then freedom, it mirrors the slavery and racism
example that huck always has to investgate? the preschoolers are really preschoolers and not robbers like Tom said they were
slavery shown? hypocrisy and moral values? shows slavery as brutal and dehumanizing, both plantation and house slaves, house slaves where the upper class slaves; hypocrisy and moral values of society: ---even "Christians" own slaves
the mixed up view of christianity btw the widow, her sister, adn pap? this makes Hucks very of God distorted and he doesn't know what to think
foil? Tom vs. Huck- Tom represents Romanticism and Twain uses him and his silliness to satirize Romanic Literature; Huck- represents realism and skepticism, he takes nothing at face value; they are both orphans but react different to their situations
Don Quixote Don Quixote- making fun of this);
hypocrisy of "civilized" society? the judge gives Huck back to Pap: he is taking Pap's rights over Huck's safety, and it mirrors slavery because Huck is like his fathers slave
pap: represents? symbol? Pap, who represents all white people, is the embodiment of pure evil- becomes symbolic of whiteness: illiterate, ignorant and shows that whiteness, not blackness is actually evil
4 superstitions? 1) killing of the spider- he turns around 3 times, and burns a hair over the fire 2) spilling the salt- tries to throw it over his shoulder but the widows sister stops him 3) Jim's belief in witches 4) Jim's hair ball that tells the future
who is pap contrasted to? Pap is contrasted to the mixed-race (mulatto) man from Ohio who is clean-cut, knowledgeable, seemingly politically conscious, while Pap doesn't take care of his own, it racist and considers himself civilized simply because he is white
how does huck dhow intellegence and huimlity in his escape? Huck shows intelligence in covering his escape and humility because he thinks that Tom could have done it better. But could he?- but he would have messed it up, and made it to elaborate
how is huck adaptable? deals with paps brutality? Huck is adaptable - he adjusts easily form Widow's to Pap's and vice versa Overcomes advertises easily; Huck comes to associate Pap's brutality to the brutality of civilization able to deal with it
in chapter 8, how were huck and jim drawn together? - They were going to separate Jim from his family Huck and Jim are both alienated from society and must come to depend on each other as an alternative family Begin to protect each other
Their idyllic peace on the island is shattered in 3 ways: The house boat with the dead man and other human voices;J's snakebite, symbolic of eden and man's fall: shows that no place is safe for them(4 days recover);MRs. Loftus,shows its hypocrisy:intelligence and witty,go to any lengths to capture jim (gun)
does huck see a difference btw him and jim? While the rest of society sees a difference btw an abused, runaway slave and an abused, runaway boy, Huck does not, and from now on, Huck and Jim's fates will be intertwined Tests Huck and Jim's loyalties to one another
jim attitude toward huck? Jim would be willing to sacrifice a lot to be sure Huck is safe and is hurt by Huck's trick, but Huck is not yet sure he is willing to do the same.
chapters 12-16. irony and superstitions? Irony: Robbers are robbed and left to the fate they meant for their partner = drowning in the river Superstitions: Jim said its bad luck to touch a snakeskin with your bare hands
twain makes fun od romantic time.. how? farce? Farce- pokes fun of Victorian art and literature popular at the time through Emmeline's work bc twain was a realist
feud? conceit for? 3 other famous feuds? The Grangerfors and Sheperdson feud-another conceit for Romantic Lit - ITs like Tom all grown up and with weapons - honor and silliness - other famous feuds: Romeo and Juliet - Monteque and Capulet Hat Field Mccoy Feud ARCHETYPAL - Repeats in literatur
G&S hypocrisy example? in the grangerford's and Sheperdson's - they own nice things, go to church, yet they own slaves and kill each other senselessly over something they don't remember.
duke and king?!? with huck and jim? Duke and King are free white men who are corrupt with their own power and hold themselves over Jim and Huck bc they think theyre better than huck and jim. --- Theyre Fakes! Con men!
huck and jim think theyre free on the raft, but what really happening?? Huck and Jim think they are free on their raft in the river, but evil is lurking there- no longer offers them safety, instead a sense of foreboding, it is the American "Heart of Darkness" (Book that talked about the slave labor to get rubber)
american "heart of darkness" book? American "Heart of Darkness" (Book that talked about the slave labor to get rubber - Duke and King become very dark)
comic with dark undercurrectns? Comic with dark undercurrents - tricky ppl and becoming more evil; show zero remorse for the ppl and things they do.
darrkness - drunkness and mob` Death of the drunk by Sherburn, the Mob and its mentality - which is the most profound meditation on human nature in the novel, and the duke and king and their joke with the fake handbill which they hold over Huck and Jim
after then killing od the drunk, why is everything the same now? There is no longer a difference btw reality and fakery, doom and deliverance (everything is the same now)
irony in sherburn's speech? Speech(said the only reason they came is bc someone they told them to. calling them sissies.) is profound, yet is coming from a man who just killed someone in cold blood.
The royal nonsuch? The Royal Nonsuch: a complete farce that the ppl get grossly overcharged for, yet the ppl defeat themselves through their own selfishness and vindictiveness (hate the show, but mad the get every other man to get conned too)
con men steal from whom? who is the only person who suspects them? The con men steal money from innocents and are completely slimy and without remorse, but the victims are stupid to be taken in by their fake accents, etc. Doctor Robinson is the only one to suspect them, and even he sounds pompous
how is Jim portrayed next to the white men? Jim is portrayed as completely the opposite of these white men - he shows continued concern and love for their family and Huck - Twain's love lies with Jim and the slaves
irony/con me/Providence? when the con men get the money, they say they got it bc they "tucked into Providence" - capitol P says its from God; but huck says they got it from satan bc they aren't good enough to know God. Taking money of 3 innocent girls that need it.
Why is hucka nd jim staying with the duke an dking? Huck acts on his conscience by making a concrete plan to catch the duke and king and admits they make him "ashamed of the human race" - he stays with them bc they are holding the handbill for Jim over their head
huck still struggles with admitting slaves are equal. who convinces him? Huck still struggles with admitting that slaves are equals bc he isn't upset by the slave family being separated, only that Mary jane is upset over it, yet he worlds deliberately to keep Jim safe -
SHould he risk his life to save jim? Or leave him? biggest decision of his life. What chater?!? 31; Society tells us he is going to hell if he helps Jim, but he choses to anyway
what mature huck and convinces him to break away from th eduke an dking? The King selling of Jim; Second, he faces his largest dilemma: the social and religious beliefs he has been taught by society say he is wrong to help Jim, he cant pray bc he doesn't accept these beliefs
huck truly seeing jim as an equal...when? Huck chooses to go with his conscience: he makes the decision that he'd rather go to hell than sell Jim out-trades his fate fro JIm's and truly sees Jim as an equal from the first time
who returns as a foil to huck? contrast? planning? Tom - Romanticism (Tom) VS. Realist (Huck) Toms plan is to rescue Jim is Romantic - it confuses Huck, who also sees it danger, even though he admires it - to Tom, of course, its just one big adventure, and he does not take into account danger
tom's important comment? huck is surprised, why? huck sees himself as... "What! Why Jim is..." after Huck says he's there to steal Jim back;shocked Tom wants to help - he sees Tom as a person from a good family with a reputation to lose; Huck sees himself as a poor nobody with nothing to lose, so he can risk himself for Jim.
Who and how does twain make a remark about rasicm and slavery through? Aunt Sally. - says its a good thing that nobody died, but a slave did. When Huck tells her that a nigger was killed in the boat accident, she says she was glad no one got hurt - she is supposedly a good Christian lady, but offhandedly handles the death.
tom and huck's plans differe how? Tom's -Beginning - plan only includes digging Jim out of the cabin; Huck's plan! - wants to steal the key from the hut and steal Jim away in the night Tom kept saying that they have to go by the regulations, and Huck doesn't want to break the regulation
tom's plan - 16 steps? paper.
boys thoughtlessness is contrasted to what? Jim is completely powerless and the boys' callousness and thoughtlessness is contrasted to the Phelps, who come to pray and visit with Jim, and even they plan to sell him back into slavery
does tom car about jim? example? Tom appears even more callous and manipulative than ever before as the silliness of his plan grows He doesn't seem to care about Jim's feeling at all, just what is "proper"(they're more real to him than reality) in escape planes
Tom's wound? Irony btw hukc jim and tom? Tom's "Romantic" wound seems to be deserved - he is proud of it. ironic that both Huck and Jim actually admire Tom's escape plan bc it puts them in even more danger
Escape plan for nothing??!?! why? Tom's payment to Jim for being a prisoner shows his callousness: it is hardly compensation for keeping him prisoner knowing he was free all the struggles were for nothing! Toms own entertainment
tom's trophy? symbl? Tom turns the bullet into a trophy - symbol of the fine line btw foolishness and fun
what does huck decide after its all over? the only good character? what does he plan to do? Huck decides to have nothing to do with society after all of this, and it is no shock after all he has seen of "civilization" Jim is the only good person - he truly has a good heart, and Huck finally acknowledges this. Goin free his family.
what 2 things is twain really trying to say? 1.Believes slavery and racism are evil, and that until people and society can realize this, it will never change. Makes this whole novel a Satire(Brings about change) 2. Huck autobiographical, twain wanted to escape. He thought society owed him something.
3 symbols of the mississippi river at the end of the book? freedom from slavery;entrapment;escape from civilization and hypocrisy
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