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pharm test 3

pharm antianginal agents ch. 23

nitrates/nitrites -cause vasodilation d/t relaxation of smooth muscles -potent dilating effect on coronary arteries -used for prevention and treatment of angina -vasodilation results in reduced myocardial oxygen demand
nitrates/nitrites -nitrates cause dilation of both large and small coronary vessels -result: oxygen to ischemic myocardial tissue -nitrates alleviate coronary artery spasms **when someone takes nitroglycerin they should be laying down b/c they will get a drop in BP
nitroglycerin -rapid acting -large first pass effect with oral forms **used for acute relief of angina
nitrates: Long-acting -isosorbide dinitrate -isosorbide mononitrate **used for prophylaxis in situations that may provoke angina; longterm prophylaxis of angina
nitrates side effects -headache -tachy, postural hypotension, dizziness
Beta blockers -atenolol -metoprolol -propanolol -nadolol **YOU DO NOT ABRUPTLY STOP BETA BLOCKERS**
calcium channel blockers -verapamil (calan) -diltiazem (cardizem) -nifedipine (procardia) **they reduce myocardial contractility (negative inotropic action)**
calcium channel blockers first line agents for treatment of angina, HTN, supraventricular tachycardia -prevent future attacks -popular for lowering BP in A.A
calcium channel blockers side effects hypotension, constipation, edema **constipation is a common problem; instruct pt. to take in adequate fluids and eat high-fiber foods
beta-blockers inform pts that these meds are for long-term prevention of angina, not for immediate relief
a pt. has a new perscription for transdermal nitroglycerin patches. the nurse teaches the pt that these patches are most appropriately used to prevent the occurrence of angina
a nurse with adequate knowledge about the administration of IV nitroglycerin will recognize that which statement is correct? IV nitroglycerin must be protected from exposure to light through the use of special tubing
which statement by the pt. reflects the need for additional pt. education about the calcium channel blocker diltiazem (cardizem)? "i can take this drug to stop acute anginal attacks"
while assessing pt. with angina who is starting beta blocker therapy, the nurse is aware that the presence of which condition may be a problem if these drugs were used? asthma
a 68 y/o man has been taking the nitrate isosorbide dinitrate for 2 years for angina. he recently has been experiencing erectile dysfunction and wants a perscription for sildenafil (viagra). which response would the nurse most likely hear from the doc "taking sildenafil with nitrate may result in severe hypotension, so a contraindication exists"
the nurse is reviewing drug interactions with a male pt. who has a prescription for isosorbide dinitrate (isordil) as treatment for angina symptoms. which substances listed could potentially result in drug interaction? -a glass of wine -sildenafil(viagra), an erectile dysfunction drug -carvedilol (coreg), a beta blocker
Created by: lissy11