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Ch. 17 Continued

Anti-Infective Drugs

What Drugs are used for Tx of UTI, sinuses, lower resp. tract, GI, skin, bones, joints and Gonorrhea? QUINOLONES:ciprofloxacin (Cipro), levofloxacin (Levaquin)
If pt is allergic to other antibiotics use this durg? QUINOLONES
Before initiating a quinolone...? C&S tests should be drawn to identify the causative organism.
Side effects of quinolones include: N/V/D, abd pain, colitis, headache,dizzy Crystalluria, Superinfection, Phototoxicity, cartilage or tendon damage.
Use caution w/ quinolones and...? elderly, GI disease, or arteriosclerosis, Strenuous exercise, (Tendon rupture)Seizure disorder. renel impairment
A broad-spectrum antibiotic used in Tx of rickets, chlap, Rocky Mtn. Fever, ACNE...? Tetracyclines
Used to treat H. pylori infection? Tetracyclines
Unfortunate sided effect of tetracyclines? Take it at what time of day? discolored teeth in the young. Cant take if younger than 8yo. b/c of bone retard. Morning
Avoid taking________ with tetracyclines? Antacids, Ca, Mg laxatives, Fe, Zn, Antidearrhea agents kaolin pectin or bismuth. Dairy products, Oral Contraceptives
If you dont discard expired drugs, _____ can result form taking outdated drugs. Nephrotoxicity
What durgs are used to treat specific susceptible fungi? Antifungals
What is the antifungal of choice? ppl w/ AIDS Amphotericin B (IV)
Amphotericin B has severe side effects so... pt require...? close medical supervision (hospitialization)
Side effects fo Amphotericin B include?: Headache, chills, Fever-tachypnea, hypotension. Nephrotoxicity-(BUN, Cretine, Output measured) Hypokalemia
lipid based product that increases tolerability of antifungals ? Abelcet
What drug is used to treat candidial infections? (yeast infections) Fluconazole (Dyflucan)
What drug will cancel Fluconazole? Rifampin- leads to clincal failure of fluconazole
Extreme caution w/ fluconazole and ...? kids <13, preg, nursing, Hepatic or renal disease. Nephrotoxic!
What durg is administered PO, Tx of specific fungi causing tinea infections..? (Ringworm) Griseofulvin
Side effects of Griseofulvin include:? THIRST, headache, hypersensitivity reactions, photosensitivity.
Use caution w/ on Griseofulvin? Kid <2, Preg, Liver dysfunction, Porphyria, Penicillin hypersensitivity
Avoid _____ while taking Griseofulvin. Alcohol, Phenobarbital, coumarin, oral contraseptives
This drug is used to Tx (PO), of intestinal candidiasis. Or topically for Tx of Diaper Rash? Nystatin (Mycostatin)
Antituberculosis agents are given for 2 purposes: 1)Tx asymptomatic infection 2)Tx of active clinical TB & to prevent relapse
For asymptomatic TB. Tx consist of ...? How long? daily isoniazid (INH) alone for 6-12 mths to prevent devel. of disease.
Alternate Tx of asymptomatic TB or INH-resistant use these drugs for Tx? rifampin w/pyrazinamide
Tx of clinical TB is challenging for 2 reasons:? 1)Increasing incidence of TB,high-risk pop. 2)resistant to drugs or imcompletion of 6-24 mth Tx.
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