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Science Vocab

science vocabulary

What are the female gametes? Eggs
What is the male reproductive organs that produce sperm? Testes
What is the joining of a sperm cell and a egg cell? Fertilization
What is the organ in a female mammal where fertilized eggs develop into offspring? Uterus
What is the male gamete that is made in the testes? Sperm
What are chemicals released by gland? Hormones
A way that allows a response to a stimuli is an...? Feedback Mechanism
What is an organism in the digestive system and endocrine system? Pancreas
What are male hormones that cause changes in male reproductive/sexual organs? Testosterone
What are the female sex organs where egg cells are made? Ovaries
What is the gland that functions in making hormones that control chemical process in the body? Thyroid
What is reproduction from two parents that result in off spring with variation? Sexual reproduction
What is the chromosome that that controls the inheritance of sex characteristics and differences in males and females? Sex chromosomes
What is the gland that makes hormones to control other glands in the body? Pituitary glands
What is the process of making, storing, and transporting chemicals in cells? Metabolism
In females, what is the tube that transports the eggs from the ovaries to the uterus? Oviducts
What is a developing mammal from when major organs develop until birth? Fetus
What are female hormones that cause changes in female reproductive/sexual organs? Estrogen
What is the organ system that controls body activities using chemical messengers? Endocrine System
What is an early stage of a developing organism? Embryo
What are the glands on top of the kidneys that release a hormone that helps the body prepare for emergencies? Adrenal Glands
What is the reproduction from one parent that results in identification offspring? Asexual reproduction
Created by: Khari Brisco