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ecology & digestion

help to study for digestion and ecology

two major groups of decomposers are? bacteria and fungi
what is the first organism in a food chain? producer
energy is transferred to what first? each organism that eats a producer(herbivore)
what does a food chain show? 1 possible path along which energy can move through an eco.
what does a food web consist of? many overlapping food chains in an eco.
where is the stomach loocated? abdomen
where is bile produced? liver
why dosen't your stomach burn because of the hydrochloric acid? stomach is lined with mucus
dijestive juice contains what enzyme? pepsin
prescence of villi in the small intestine does what? increases surface area of small intestine
what are 3 main types of symbiotic relationships? mutualism,paratism and commensalism
what kind of digestion most occurs in stomach? mechanical
what is absorption? process which nutrient molecules pass through wall of system to blood
where are enzymes and secretions produced small intestine, liver, and pancreas
what stimuli causes vomitting? irritation of digestion system
what are the sources of all food in an ecosystem? producers
an organisms energy role in an ecosystem maybe that of what? producer, consumer or decomposer
organisms that carry out photosynthesis are called what? autotrophs
while getting energy for their needs, decomposers do what? return simple molecules to enviornment
an organisms energy role is determined by what? how it obtains energy and how it interacts with other living things in its ecosystem
an average adults stomach holds about how many liters of food? 2L
what does the secretion, bile do? breaks down fat
waste material is eliminated through what? anus
energy from sunlight is converted to what by producers? sugar and starch molecules
organisms uses suns radiant energy to turn what into chemical energy stored in molecules? water and carbon dioxide
what is symbiosis? close relationship between two species that benefits at least one species
why is commensalism not common in nature? usually either helped or harmed little
why do mites live in only one moths ear? moths hearing would be badly affected(if mite was in both ears) and would be caught by bat
what does a parasite do a predator dosen't? kill the organism it feeds on
Created by: purplegirlrox