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6th Grade Ch 5

Photosynthesis, Respiration, & Tropisms

Plants are organisms that make their own food, ______, for survival. glucose
The process by which plants make glucose is called _________. photosynthesis
_________, found in the cells of the leaf, contain chlorophyll, a green pigment that absorbs light energy. chloroplasts
Plants use _____ _____ gas from the air and _______ to make food in the leaves. carbon dioxide; water
During the process of photosynthesis, _______ is also produced. oxygen
The oxygen produced by photosynthesis is released into the air through the _________. stomata
____________ is the process that provides the oxygen in the atmosphere that most living organisms need. Photosynthesis
The raw material carbon dioxide is brought in through the ______. stomata
The raw material water is brought in through the ____. roots
What are the raw materials of photosynthesis carbon dioxide and water
What are the products of photosynthesis oxygen and glucose
The food created through the process of photosynthesis is used to provide ______ needed by the plants to perform life functions. energy
________ is the process by which plants must break down the sugar in the cells throughout the plant to obtain the energy from the food it produces. Respiration
During ____, oxygen from the air combines with the sugar, which is then broken down into carbon dioxide and water. respiration
_____ is released during respiration.
The energy produced by __________ can be used by the plant to perform life functions. respiration
The _____ ________ and _________ that are formed during respiration are then given off through the stomata in the leaves. carbon dioxide and water
What are the raw materials of respiration oxygen and glucose
What are the products of respiration carbon dioxide and water
What is produced by respiration energy
Plants lose most of the water through the leaves in a process called _____. transpiration
______ _______ mostly on the underside of the leaf, open and close the stomata. guard cells
When the ______ are closed, water cannot escape from the leaf. stomata
Under certain conditions, when a mature plant or seed becomes or remains inactive, it is said to be ______. dormant
________ is a period of time when the growth or activity of a plant or seed stops due to changes in temperature or amount of water. Dormancy
__________ allows various species to survive in particular environments. Dormancy
Dormancy helps to ensure that seeds will germinate when conditions are ________ for survival of the small seedlings. favorable
Plants respond to changes in the environment by growing or moving their stems, roots, or leaves toward or away from the ______ stimulus
Tropism the response or behavior of a plant to a stimulus in the environment.
Phototropism The way a plant grows or moves in response to light
Gravitropism The way a plant grows or moves in response to gravity; also called geotropism
Hydrotropism The way a plant grows or moves in response to water
Thigmotropism The way a plant grows or moves in response to touch
Created by: Ms. Phillips