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107 Ch. 20, 21, 22

After Birth

what is begin and end of postpartum period begin: birth end: return of reproductive organs return to nonpreg state
what is involution? Subinvolution? Involution: return of uterus to prepreg state subinvolution: failure of above
How fix boggy uterus fundal massage, encourage breast feeding(oxytocin)
What is lochia and describe 3 kinds and when seen Lochia: postbirth urterine discharge rubra: ruby red, 3-4days serosa: pink, 22-27days alba: white, 2-6mos
What happens to estrogen after birth and what does it affect Estrogen decreases rapidly abscence causes breast engorgement, dryness in vag, diuresis, diaphoresis
What changes in introitus after birth and what is dyspareunia red and swollen vagina dyspareunia: painful intercourse Sex by 2-4wks only after lacerations healed and rubra lochia flow stopped
When is birth control strongly suggested Lactating moms, 1 month after Rubella vacinne
What could be cause of excess bleeding after birth displaced bladder- mom pee and reassess placental pieces still in tact inf
How long usually does it take for breast discomfort to end for nonlactating moms 24-36 hours, breast binder, ice
What happens for hematocrit, WBC, coagulation factors after birth incr. but risk of embolis with coagulation factors
When will mom receive Rhogam shot? What titer level means no immune to Rubella? If Rh- mom has Rh+ baby will get at 28wks and in 72hrs of delivery Titer 1:8 needs Rubella
When are women discharged after vag birth? C-section? What is criteria Vag: 48hrs C-section: 96 hrs Criteria: woman care for self/baby
what is example of acquaintance eye contact, touching, talking, exploring
what is definition of "transition to parenthood" decision to conceive thru 1st mos of having child
what is entrainment? Biorythmicity? Reciprocity/synchrony? entrainment: dance in tune to parent voice biorythmicity: baby hear mom's heartbeat reciprocity/synchrony: body mvmt provides cues (stimulate or not)
What are 3 phases of becoming a mother dependent, dependent-independent, interdependent
Which age has highest risk to have trouble wtih transition to parenthood adolescent &/or >35
Created by: palmerag