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Nurs 228 CH 22


What type of Viscera is the liver? Solid
Where is the live located? In the RUQ; composed of four lobes it fills most of the RUQand extends to the L midclavicular line
Is the Pancreas palpable? No; it is located mostly behind the stomach deep in the upper abdomen. .
Where are the kidneys located? HIgh and deep under the diaphragm
How is abdominal pain described? as visceral, parietal , or referred
When does visceral pain occur? when hollow abdominal organs such as the intestines, become distended or contract forcefully, or when capsules such as the liver and spleen are stretched.
How is visceral pain often characterized? as dull, aching, burning, cramping, or colicky
When does parietal pain when the parietal peritoneum becomes inflamed, as in appendicitis or peritonitis
How is parietal pain characterized? severe and steady pain
Referred pain occurs? at distant sites that are innervated at the approximately the same levels as the disrupted abdominal organ.
This group is at risk for lung aspiration with vomiting THe elderly or neuromuscular- or consciousness-imparied clients
Elderly clients may experience a decline in appetite from such factors as? altered metabolism, decreased taste sensation, decreased mobility, and possibly depression
What are the potential risk and complications that older clients have with diarrhea fluid volume deficit, dehydration, electrolyte and acid-base imbalances
These OTC medications suck aspirin, Ibuprofen and steroids may adversely affect the GI tract by causing _________ gastric bleeding
HIgh Iron intake may lead to _________ Constipation
When observing the coloration of the abdominal skin purple discoloration at the flanks indicates? (Grey Turner Sign) bleeding within the abdominal wall
Pale taunt abdominal skin may be seen with ascities
Dark bluish-pink striae are associated with Cushing's syndrome
Keloids (excess scar tissue) are more common in which ehtnic groups? African American and Asians
The abdominal contour should be either Flat, rounded, or scaphiod
An Asymmetric abdomen may be seen with organ enlargement, large masses, hernia, diastasis recti, or bowl obstruction
Vigorous wide, exaggerated pulsations may be seen with? abdominal aortic aneurysm
Are peristaltic waves visible when observing the abdomen? Normally the are not seen although they may be visible in very thing people as slight ripples on the abdominal wall.
What do hypoactive bowl sounds indicate? diminished bowel motility
hyperactive bowl sounds indicate? increased bowl motility; common with diarrhea, gastroenteritis or early bowl obstruction
What are bruits? Low pitched murmur like sounds
when does a bruit with both systolic and diastolic components occur? when an artery is turbulent or obstructed
What does a bruit heard over the abdominal aorta or renal, iliac or femoral arteries usually indicate? aneurysm or arterial stenosis
What are the characteristic sound that indicate a friction rub over the liver and spleen high-pitched, rough, grating; occurs when the sliver or spleen rbs the peritoneum
What are liver and spleen friction rubs heard in association with? Respiration
A friction rub heard over the lower right costal area is associated with? hepatic abscess or metastases
When palpating the aorta what would a wide bounding pule possibly indicate? abdominal aortic aneurysm
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