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Neuro Pharma


epinephrine a-agonist, decrease aqueous humor production, don't use in angle closure because it will cause midriasis
brimonidine a-agonist, decrease aqueous humor production
timolol b-blcoker, decrease aqueous humor production
carteolol b-blcoker, decrease aqueous humor production
betaxolol b-blcoker, decrease aqueous humor production
acetazolimide diuretic, decrease aqueous humor production
carbachol direct cholinomimetic, increase aqueous humor drainage. Miosis
pilocarpine direct cholinomimetic, increase aqueous humor drainage. Miosis
Echothiophate indirect cholinomimetic, increase aqueous humor drainage. Miosis
physostigmine indirect cholinomimetic, increase aqueous humor drainage. Miosis
Latanoprost Prostaglandin, increase aqueous humor drainage, darkins pupul
Morphine opiod analgesic also used IV as general anesthesia.
Methadone opiod analgesic, pulm edema and drug addiction
Meperidine opiod analgesic
Fentanyl opioid analgesic also used iv as general anesthetia
Codeine opioid analgesic
Heroin opioid analgesic
Dextromethorphan opioid analgesic, pain and cough
Diphenoxylate opioid analgesic, diarrhea
Naloxone opiod antagonist
Naltrexone opioid antagonist
Butorphanol partial mu and kappa opiod agonist, causes less resp depression but used for pain.
Tramadol weak opioid agonist, many neurotranmitters, decreases seizure threshold
Phenytoin epilepsy nystagmus, dilopia, ataxia, sedation, gingival hyperplasia, hirsutism, megaloblastic anemia, teratogenesis, SLE-like sx, CP450
Carbamazepine epilepsy Diplopia, ataxa, blood dyscrasia, lover toxic, teratogen, CP450, SIADH, stevens-johnson syndrome
Lamotrigine epilepsy stevens-johnson syndrome
GABApentin epilepsy sedation, ataxia
Topiramate epilepsy sedatio, mental dulling, kidney stones, weight loss
Phenobarbital epilepsy sedation, tolerance, dependence, CP450
Valproic acid epilepsy GI distress, hepatotoxicity (rare but fatal), spina bifida teratogen, tremor, weight gain.
Ethosuxmide epilepsy GI distress, fatigue, urticaria (hives), stevens-johnson syndrome
Benzodiazepines Diazepam and Lorazepam, epilepsy Sedation, tolerance, dependence.
Tiagabine epilepsy
Vigabatrin epilepsy
Levetiracetam epilepsy
Zolpidem nonbenzo hypnotic
Zaleplon nonbenzo hypnotic
Eszopiclone nonbenzo hypnotic
Halothane inhaled anesthetic, hepatotoxicity
Enflurane inhaled anesthetic, proconvulsant
Isoflurane inhaled anesthetic
Sevoflurane inhaled anesthetic
Methoxyflurane inhaled anesthetic, nephrotoxic
nitrous oxide inhaled anesthetic, expansion of trapped gas
Thiopental barpiturate, IV anesthetic, high potency and lipid soluble = rapid entry into brain. Short surgical procedures.
Midazolam benzodiazepine IV anesthetic, Endoscopy. resp depression and amnesia
Ketamine an arylcyclohexylamine / PCP analog. IV anesthetic. block NMDA recepto, cardiovascular stimulant, cause disorientation, bad dreams, hallucinations, increase brain blod flow.
propofol iv anesthesia. rapid acting. use for short procedures. less perioperative nausea than thiopental (barbiturate)
Procaine ester local anesthetic
Cocaine ester local anesthetic arrythmia
tetracaine ester local anesthetic
Lidocaine Amide local ansthetic
Mepivacaine Amide local anesthetic
Bupivacaine Amide local anesthetic, cardiovascular toxicity
Succinylcholine neuromuscular blocking drug - depolarizing
Tubocurarine Neuromuscular blocking drug - non-deolarizing
Atracurium Neuromuscular blocking drug - non-deolarizing
Mivacurium Neuromuscular blocking drug - non-deolarizing
Pancuronium Neuromuscular blocking drug - non-deolarizing
Vecuronium Neuromuscular blocking drug - non-deolarizing
Rocuronium Neuromuscular blocking drug - non-deolarizing
Neostigmine cholinesterase inhibitor, reverses the blockade of non-depolarizing neuromuscular blocking drugs
Edrophonium cholinesterase inhibitor, reverses the blockade of non-depolarizing neuromuscular blocking drugs
Dantrolene Tx malignant hyperthermia. Prevents Ca2+ release from skeltal muscle SR. (malignant hyperthermia caused by inhaled anesthetics except NO)
Bromocriptine dopamine receptor agonist, for parkinson's ergot = not preferred
pramipexole dopamine receptor agonist, for parkinson's
ropinirole dopamine receptor agonist, for parkinson's non-ergot = preferred
Amantidine increase dopamine, for parkinson's antiviral for influenza A and rubella
L-dopa / Carbidopa increase dopamine, for parkinson's (converted to dopamine in CNS)
Selegiline Prevent dopamine breakdown, for parkinson's
Entacapone Prevent dopamine breakdown, for parkinson's
Tolcapone Prevent dopamine breakdown, for parkinson's
Benztropine antimuscarinic (ach receptor), stops tremor in parkinson's
Memantine Alzheimer's drug. NMDA receptor antagonist. prevents excitotoxicity. Dizziness, confusion, hallucination
Donepezil ALzheimer's drug. Achesterase inhibitor
Galantamine ALzheimer's drug. Achesterase inhibitor
Rivastigmine ALzheimer's drug. Achesterase inhibitor
Reserpine + tetrabenazine for Huntington's. Deplete amines. (dopamine is too high in huntington)
Haloperidol For Huntinton's. dopamine receptor antagonist
Sumatripan Serotonin agonist --> vasocontruction. Used for migraine and cluster headache attacks. Can cause coronary vasospasm, bad in prinzmetal's angina.
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