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Lesson 18 ATC pt 2


暑期班 shu3qi1ban1 summer school
bao4 to sign up
man3 to full (v)
看来 kan4lai2 it seems; it looks as if
求学 qiu2xue2 to attend school
当代 dang1dai4 of this generation; present-day
追求 zhui1qiu2 to seek; to pursue
主要 zhu3yao4 main
目标 mu4biao1 goal; aim
成立 cheng2li4 to establish; to found
勤工俭学 qin2gong1jian3xue2 part-work and part-study program
中心 zhong1xin1 center
解决 jie3jue2 to solve; to resolve
后顾之忧 hou4 gu4 zhi1you1 fear of disturbance in the rear
家教 jia1jiao4 tutor
翻译 fan1yi4 interpreter; translator
市场 shi4chang3 market
网页 wang3ye4 webpage
制作 zhi4zuo4 to make
报酬 bao4chou2 rewards; remuneration
不等 bu4deng3 different
充分 chong1fen4 fully
发挥 fa1hui1 to bring (skill, talent, etc) into full play
专业 zhuan1ye4 major; specialized field or subjects
特长 te4chang2 a strong point; what one is specially good at; a specialty
中关村 zhong1guan1cun1 a district in Beijing
电脑 dian4nao3 computer
外国语 wai4guo2yu3 foreign language
文稿 wen2gao3 manuscript; draft
手册 shou3ce4 handbook; manual
示范 shi1fan4 (study of) teaching; "normal"
热衷于 re4zhong1yu2 to be fond of
可观 ke3guan1 considerable (sum of money, losses, etc); impressive
相比之下 xiang1bi3zhi1xia4 by comparison; by contrast
re4 popular
人民大学 ren2min2 da4xue2 People's University
外出 wai4chu1 to go out
打工 da3gong1 to do a part time job
丰富 feng1fu4 to enrich
经验 jing1yan4 experience (n)
提高 ti2gao1 to increase; to improve
能力 neng2li4 ability
zheng4 to earn
零花钱 ling2hua1qian2 pocket money; incidental expenses
生活费 sheng1hou2fei4 living expenses
大于 da4yu2 to be more/bigger than
一切 yi2qie4 all; everything; every
否则 fuo3ze2 otherwise; if not
出国 chu1guo2 to go abroad
进修 jin4xiu1 to engage in advanced studies
fen4 mw for a job
Created by: zhangkailin
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