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Lesson 18 ATC pt 1


暑假 shu3jia4 summer vacation
高校 gao1xiao4 colleges and universities
放(假) fang4(jia4) to have or be on (holidays or vacations)
guo4 to go through; to undergo a process
假期 jia4qi1 vacation; holiday
疑问 yi2wen4 question; doubt
采访 cai3fang3 (of a journalist) to cover (some event); to interview
选择 xuan3ze2 to select; to choose; choice; option
避暑 bi4shu3 to go away for summer; to stay at a summer resort
大一 da4yi1 college freshman
绝大多数 jue2da4duo1shu4 the overwhelming majority; vast majority
属于 shu3yu2 to belong to; to be a part of
对外经济贸易大学 dui4wai4 jing2ji4 mao4yi4 da4xue2 University of International Trade and Economics
干嘛 gan4ma2 do what (phrase)
组织 zu3zhi1 to organize; to arrange
特殊 te4shu1 special; particular
形式 xing2shi4 form (n)
接触 jie1chu4 to come in contact with
加强 jia1qiang2 to reinforce; to strengthen
思想 si1xiang3 ideology; thoughts
教育 jiao4yu4 education
科学 ke1xue2 scientific knowledge
文化 wen2hua4 culture
收获 shou1huo4 grains; harvests
陕西 shan3xi1 a province in northwestern China
延安 yan'2an1 a place in Shanxi province
河北 he2bei3 a province in north China
平山 ping2shan1 a place in Hebei province
xian4 country
参观 can1guan1 to visit; to tour
考察 kao3cha1 to make an on-the-spot investigation; to observe and study
毛主席纪念堂 mao2zhu3xi2 ji4nian4tang2 Chairmen Mao's Memorial
站岗 zhan'4gang3 to stand guard; to be on sentry
直勤 zhi2qin2 to be on duty (of police or military)
维护 wei2hu4 to defend; to safeguard
秩序 zhi4xu4 order; law and order
留校 liu2xiao4 to stay at school
大二 da4er4 college sophomore
参加 can1jia1 to attend
辅导班 fu3dao3ban1 prep course
大三 da4san3 college junior
大四 da4si4 college senior
考研 kao3yan2 to take a graduate school entrance exam
比例 bi3li4 proportion
收费 shou1fei4 charges; fees; to charge
reng2 still (adv)
达批 da4pi1 a large number of; a great number of
新东方 xin1dong1fang1 New Oriental (name of a school)
聚集 ju4ji2 to gather; to assemble
新疆 xin1jiang1 a province in northwest China
青海 qing1hai3 a province in northwest China
贵州 gui4zhou1 a province in southwest China
云南 yun2nan2 a province in southwest China
广东 guang1dong1 a province in southern China
di4 place
不远千里 bu4 yuan3 qian1li3 to go through the trouble of traveling a long distance
赶到 gan3dao4 to rush for
介绍 jie4shao4 introduce; introduction
Created by: zhangkailin
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