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107 Ch. 18

Nursing Care During Labor/Birth

When does labor begin and end Labor begins with first uterine contraction adn ends as mom/dad attach
Whes does 1st Stage of labor begin and end 1st Stage of Labor: Begins: reg contractions End: Full cervical effacement and dilation
what are 3 phases of 1st stage of labor Latent: 0-3cm (butterfly) Active: 4-7cm(active) Transitional: 8-10cm(terror)
what is Leopold's manuevers determine fetal position,presentation,point of maximal intensity (PMI) to auscultate FHR - The back is best spot
The lab test for amniotic fluid uses nitrazine tape or stick...what is positive result blue is amniotic fluid green fern under scope
What should always be checked after ROM Check fetal HR T:Time A: amt of fluid C: color of fluid O: odor of fluid
When should vaginal exam be done on admission and with urge to bear down
What is only objecitve sign of 2nd Stage of labor Can't feel cervix bc fully dilated and thinned
When does 2nd stage of labor begin and end begin: full dilation end: birth
what are 3 phases of 2nd Stage of Labor Latent: calm, passive descent Active(descent): active pushing, +1 station adn anterior Transition: presenting part on perineum
Where is Heartbeat of RSA/LSA, ROP/LOP, RMA/LMA, ROA/LOA right sacralanterior/left(breech), rt occipitoposterier/lt(vertex), Rt mentumanterior/lt(vertex), rtoccipitoanterior/lt(vertex)
When is fundal pressure contraindicated shoulder dystocia
What is defined as time of birth time entire body is out of mother
what are 3 degrees of lacerations of perineum 1: skin 2: muscle 3: thru anal spincter 4: rectal wall SIDE LYING less tension
What is most common episiotomy median/midline
What is 3rd stage of labor deliver placenta Shiny shultz: baby's side Dirty Duncan: mom's side
what is important in emergency birth when baby comes out to keep blood from rushing to/from placenta keep baby same level as uterus If out of hospital, do not cut cord
What is 4th Stage of labor puerperium/postpartum recovery, attachment
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