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107ch. 16

Manage Discomfort

What are the two neurologic origins for pain in labor visceral: 1st stage, cervical changes, referred pain somatic: joints, muscles, tendons, 2nd stage, stretching/distention of tissues
what are some factors affecting pain response physiologic: back pain, culture, anxiety/fear, previous exp, gate-control theory, comfort/support, environment
what are interventions for hypotension turn to lateral pos, IV infusion, O2(10-12L), elevate legs
what is diff in pudendal block and epidural pudendal: perineal area w/ local injection, for 2nd/3rd stages, saddle block epidural: all stages, upper nerves,just to epidural space
what are disadv. of epidural block hypotension: give IV fluid bolus, BP q5min, slowed labor, incomplete relief so use gravity to get drug to hot spots
what are contraindications of epidural block mom heart conditions, antepartum hemorrhage, bleeding, infection, allergies
what is complication of spinal block HA if leak spinal fluid, need blood patch GIVE IV BOLUS BEFORE
Created by: palmerag