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Admission & Discharg


What are some of the things done at admitting department? 1) Collect personal info & insurance data for billing 2) Place ID bracelet 3) Patient's Bill of Rights
In what types of situation does admission personnel go into patient's room to gather data? If ED admission or facility transfer
Bill of Rights 1) The right to obtain info about illness or injury 2) Right to refuse medication or treatment 3) Right to receive considerate & respectful care 4) Right to privacy 5) Right to expect reasonable continuity of care
Hospital floor duties 1) Prepare patient's room 2) Admission packet (water pitcher, basin, soap, lotion, tissue box) 3) Equipment (monitor, gown, bp cuff, suction, oxygen) 4) Welcome & orient pt 5) Safeguard valuables 6) Assist pt into gown 7) Nursing Admissions Databas
Safeguarding Valuables >Items sent home (ie jewelry) >Label patient's items (walker, dentures) >medical or electrical devices brought from home
Assist patient into gown 1) Place ID band 2) Place allergy band
Nursing Admissions Database/Intake forms >Vital signs, height, weight >Allergies >Reason for admission >ADLs and IADLs >Use of adaptive devices >Nutrition, Elimination, Pain, Spiritual, Psychological, Abuse, Advanced Directives >Patient belonging
What goes with pt during transfer within hospital? >Patient's chart, belongings, nurse report
Nurse report Name, age, physician(s), admitting diagnosis, current condition, allergies, medications, special equipment
discharge planning a plan to ensure that patient's needs are consistently met
Discharge Process 1) Authorization 2) Discharge instructions (signed) 3) Discharging patient 4) Nurse Documentation 5) Business aspects
Nursing Documentation includes status (ie dressing change) & motive departure (via wheelchair, ambulated on own?)
AMA Alert patient to risks of leaving AMA, notify primary care provider, complete form if possible (signature & witness)
Created by: kimtu05