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Level 1 Part 2

LESSON 14: Birthday Party

舞会 dance party; ball wuhui
表姐 older female cousin biaojie
中学 middle school; secondary school zhongxue
to give as a gift song
礼物 gift; present liwu
(measure word for books) ben
饮料 beverage yinliao
水果 fruit shuiguo
(measure word for bunches of things; and chairs) ba
flower hua
to love; to like; to be fond of ai
苹果 apple pingguo
pear li
西瓜 watermelon xigua
to live (in a certain place) zhu
heavy; serious zhong
to catch; to meet; to welcome jie
multi-storied building; floor (of a multi-level building) lou
钟头 hour zhongtou
以为 to assume erroneously yiwei
聪明 smart; bright; cleaver congming
用功 hard-working; diligent; studious yonggong
暑期 summer term shuqi
class ban
to grow; to appear zhang
可爱 cute; lovable ke'ai
去年 last year qunian
to belong to shu
dog gou
face lian
round yuan
眼睛 eye yanjing
鼻子 nose bizi
mouth zui
to be like; to look like; to take after xiang
长大 to grow up zhang da
一定 certain(ly); definite(ly) yiding
蛋糕 cake dangao
most; (of superlative degree)-est zui
头发 hair toufa
耳朵 ears erduo
眉毛 eyebrows meimao
牙齿 teeth yachi
香蕉 banana xiangjiao
草莓 strawberry caomei
橘子 orange juzi
桃儿 peach taor
葡萄 grape putao
气球 balloons qiqiu
卡片 card kapian
汽水(儿) soft drink; soda pop qishui(r)
零食 snacks lingshi
饼干 cookies; crackers binggan
糖(果) candy tang (guo)
Created by: lilyli
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