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Duff 20.1

Duff NT Greek - short confusing words, conjunctions and time phrases

ὡσπερ just as
ἰδου Look/ Behold
ἑνεκα for the sake of
ὁστις who
χωρις apart from
περαν (+gen) on the other side of
καθως just as
ὁμοιος like (similar)
οὑ where
οὐδε and not
οὑτως in this manner/ thus
οὐχι not/ no
πλην however/ yet
ποθεν from where/ how
ὡδε here
ἀρα so
γαρ because/ for
γε indeed
δε but
δεω I bind up/ tie up
δει it is necessary
διο therefore
διοτι because
εἰτε if (repeated with whether)
ἐπει since
μεν on the one hand
μητοτε never
οὐν therefore
τε and (with kai both and)
ἑως until
πως how
που where
οὐ not
οὐς ear
ὡς like (as)
ὁσος how great/much or as great/much
ὁτε when
ὁτι that/ because/ start of speech
ἐτι still/ yet
οὐπω not yet
ποτε once
τοτε then
δυο two
the (fem)
to who, to which, to what (fem)
who, which, what (fem)
εἰ If
εἶ You are
ὡν being / relative pron gen pl
ἠς You were
ἠν S/he were
χειρων worse
εὐ well
ἀν subjunctive participle
χρεια need
κωμη town, village
χωρα widow
χηρα countryside
ἡκω I have come
καλως appropriately, well
καλος good, beautiful
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