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Nursing Process321

Nursing Process

To Prevent, Treat, and Maintain a Human at Optimal Wellness. The Nursing Process
Purpose is to gather information/data to formulate an individualized care plan that focuses's on patient problems. Objective or Subjective. First Level Assessment
This is data that you can observe, measure, V/S, Labs, etc. Objective Data
This is data that the patient informs you or tells you about. Subjective Data
What is causing the behavior or pathophysiology of a behavior? Etiology Second Level Assessment
This is based on assessment and analysis and stated as a ________(NANDA). Occasionally you may have a problem that does not fit in the standardized nomenclature. You may state the problem in your own words. Nursing Diagnosis
This is a statement of desired outcome, usually opposite or reversal of a nursing diagnosis. Goals with 3 Expected Outcomes
This criteria must include a time, and must be very specific and indicate what ineffective behaviors you are changing/intervening. You do not have to change every behavior to reach your goal. Outcome
This involved planning and implementation nursing actions, which manipulate the stimuli causing influencing clients coping ability. Interventions
This is to determine if goal is met and how to use feedback to alter your nursing care plan. Evaluation
Created by: BOjangles1006