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forensics 101

ketamine is sometimes called special k
originally an IV aneshetic PCP
insensitivity to pain PCP
rage PCP
PCP + LSD angel dust
act on the central nervous system to make the user feel better and increase his/her enery stimulant
"uppers" amphetemines
speed or crank methamphetamines
Illicits come from poppy flowers
horse or smack heroine
downers barbiturates
advil, motrin, and ibuprofen common otc analgesics and cold remedies
Anacin and Aspirin acctylsalicylic
benedryl diphenhydramine hydrochloride
tylenol acetominophen
what percentage in any lab at anytime is drug related 75%
in the U.S. all drugs covered by the law that are somehow restricted are called controlled substance
sent to the FBI crime lab so they can develop procedures for identifying it
hallucinogens change normal though process and perceptions
marijuana female cannabis saliva and most widespread hallucinogen in U.S.
concentrated resinous form is called nashish
hashish as a sticky black liquid contains more than 40% THC
LSD is chemically derived from an ergot derivative in a grain fungus
common LSD drugs are blotter acid, window panes-jello
LSD is a possible _________ teratogen
thalidamide can cause birth defects
MDMA is also known as ecstacy
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