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2 8th Latin List 6

Foreign PhraseEnglish Equivalent
Syllabus a brief outline (as a course of study)
Vortex a mass of whirling fluid forming a cavity in the center toward which things are drawn
Angini a disorder marked by sudden bursts of internal pain
Summa Cum Laude with highest distinction; with the greatest praise
Dogma something considered as an established opinion; a belief or body of beliefs concerning faith
Papyrus paper reed; soft part of the stem especially when cut into strips and pressed in to writing materials
Magnus Opus a great work, especially the greatest achievement of a writer or artists
Post Mortem occurring after death
Vice Versa with the order turned around
Pupa a form of an insect having a complete metamorphosis that occurs between the larva and the adult
Manna the food miraculously provided for the Israelites in the wilderness on the flight from Egypt; scriptural nourishment from the divine source; something valuable one receives unexpectantly
Peninsula a long projection of land into water, connected with the mainland by an island
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