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Space Program Mr. Ra

these are the notes on the space program

who was the first country to send a satellite into space Russia
What was the name of the first satellite Sputnik
What was the name of the program designed to send man to the moon Apollo
what to extra terrestrial bodies have we landed spacecraft on? Moon and Mars
What force do rockets have to overcome in order to leave the earth? gravity
Why do astronauts need space suits? temperature control, pressure, and air
What is it called when an objects is caught in a planets gravitational pull without actually falling into the planet? orbit
what happens to things when they fall through earth atmosphere They get really hot from the friction with the Air
What was the name of the shuttle that was destroyed when it tried to enter Earth atmosphere Columbia
Why do astronauts have to suck up extra water? there is no gravity in space and the floating water could hurt the instruments
what do you call the facility in space where scientists do experiments in no gravity On the International Space Station
What does the space station use for energy? solar cells.
What was the name of the first telescope to take pictures from space? Hubble Space Telescope
Created by: aureliusii