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Renal Matching

Urinary Tract Infection Urinary frequency, urgency, burning on urination, fever, chills; urine +WBC, RBC, nitrates
Acute Pyelonephritis mild fatigue, chills fever, costo-vertebral tenderness; urine +WBC, cast, RBC, elevated serum WBC, +bands
Urethral diverticula urinary urgency, frequency, post void dribbling, urinary incontinence; in women may feel mass on anterior vaginal wall, purulent drainage
Good pasture syndrome flu-like symptoms with cough, SOB, hematuria, +anti-GBM antibodies
Glomerulonephritis hematuria, +anti-GBM antibodies; urine +WBC, RBC, casts protein; elevated serum BUN & Creatinine
Nephrotic Syndrome massive proteinuria, edema, ascites, HTN,hyperlipidema
urinary tract calculi abdominal or flank pain often severe, cool, moist skin; pain radiate to testicles, labia or groin
Polycystic kidney disease HTN, hematuria, feeling of heaviness in back, side or abdomen, chronic pain, palpable kidneys
Kidney cancer hematuria, flank pain, palpable mass, wt. loss, HTN, anemia
bladder cancer painless hematuria, urgency, frequency; urine may be + for neoplastic cells
urinary retention decreased stream, high post void residual; after voiding patient does not feel like bladder is empty
Created by: divelmama