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Legal and Ethics

Law Rule of Conduct or action
Criminal Law deals with offenses against all citizens. offender can go to prison or jail
Tort a civil wrong committed against a person or property excluding breach of contract
Malpractice improper or unprofessional treatment that results in injury to the patient
Negligence failure to take reasonable precautions to protect others from risk of harm
Assault willful attempt or threat to injure another person
Battery unlawful touching of another person without consent
Informed consent The patient/client understands the reason for treatment
Invasion of Privacy Unnecessary exposure of an individual or revealing personal information about an individual without consent
False Imprisonment Restraining an individual or restricting an individual's freedom
Defamation of character damaging a person's name and reputation
Libel if the information released in written
Slander if the information released is spoken
Abuse care that results in physical harm, pain, or medical anguish
Physical Abuse hitting, forcing persons against their will, restraining movements, depriving of food or H2O, or not providing physical care
Verbal Abuse talking harshly, swearing, or shouting, teasing, ridiculing, intimidating a person
Contract voluntary agreement between two parties
Offer Enters into a relationship with hedalth care providers and offers to be a patient
Acceptance provider gives an appointment or examines or treats a patient
Consideration payment made by patient for services provided
Implied some action or inaction without verbally expressed terms
Expressed the terms are stated in distinct and explicit language, orally or in writing
minor anyone under 18, also called "an infant"
Agency a personal relationship, created by mutual consent
The Agent employee
Principal employer
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