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Duff 13.2

Duff NT Greek 13 - Vocab and Parsing Practice

ἐθνος a nation
ἐθνους of a nation
ἐλεος mercy
ἐλεει in mercy
ἐτος a year
ἐτη years
μελος a member/ limb
μελεσιν to members/ limbs
μερος a part/ share
μερων of parts/ shares
πληθος a multitude/ large amount
πληθους of a multitude/ large amount
σκευος an object
σκευει to an object
σκοτος darkness
σκοτους of darkness
τελος an end/ goal
τελων of ends/ goals
ἀρχιερευς high priest
ἀρχιερεα high priests
βασιλευς king
βασιλεως of a king
γραμματευς scribe
γραμματει to a scribe
ἱερευς priest
ἱερεις priests
ἀναστασις resurrection
ἀναστασιν to resurrections
γνωσις knowledge
γνωσεως of knowledge
δυναμις power
δυναμει to power
θλιψις suffering/ oppression
θλιψεις sufferings/ oppressions
κρισις judgement
κρισεων of judgements
παρακλησις encouragement
παρακλησεσιν to encouragements
πιστις faith
πιστει in faith
πολις a city
πολεως of a city
συνειδησις conscience
συνειδησεις consciences
ἀληθης a true …
ἀληθηους of a true …
ἀσθενης a weak …
ἀσθενων of weak ...
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