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Criminology exam one


Agnew's General Theory Popele Offend when motivation is high and constraints are low
Control Theory crime occurs when the soical bonds between an individual and society are weakened or cut. Most people have anti- soical tendencies but are constrianed by soical bonds.
Routine Activities Theroy cime happens when three elements occur: Lack of guardians, suitable target, and moviated offenders.
Starin Theory (Robert Merton) Amercian Dreams but no enough legtitimate means to achieve the goals; lower class is more likely to cime crime. Property crime.
Differential Assocation Theory (Learning theory)(Sutherlands) People learn crime in intinmate groups. Learning is affected by priorty, duration, frequency, and intensity of contact. LEARN AND TAUGHT!
Psychological Theory Lack of self- control, irritability, impulsivity, lack of empathy cause crime.
Drift/ Techniques of Neutralization to commit commit, they have to excuse/ neutalize their actions, deinal of victim, deinal of responibility, deinal of injury, apeal to hight loyalties.
What are the five life domain? 1. Family 2. peers 3. self 4. school 5. work
Accoiiding to agnew, what are the three forms of constraints against crime? 1. external 2. Internal 3. stake in comformity
How do government measures crimes? 1. Uniform crime report (UCR) 2. National crime victimization survey
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