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test 4

The “flesh eating bacteria” is called STREP PYOGENES
The Hantavirus is carried by RODENTS
TB is not transmitted by which route? FORMITES
Which contagious disease should not be treated with antibiotics? VIRUS LIKE THE COMMON COLD
The most frequent portal of entry for pathogens is: RESPIRATORY
Which HSV is on the lips and mouth? HSV-1
Where is Coccidioides immitis found in the soil? ARIZONA
Flora found is same location as resident flora but just for a short time is: TRANSIENT FLORA
Strawberry tongue is caused by: SCARLET FLORA
When a disease is generally present in a population: ENDEMIC
The fungus in the “fungus ball” is what agent? PULMONARY ASPERGILLOSIS
What causes “whooping cough”? BORDETELLA PERTUSSIS
Diaper rash is caused by: CANDIDA ALBICANS
Strep throat is caused by: STREP PYOGENES
Bacterial Endotoxins are found in what organisms: GRAM NEGATIVE CELL WALL
What produces leprosy: MYCOBACTERIUM LEPRAE
Microorganism that is capable of causing a disease: PATHOGEN
We have normal flora everywhere except: PERITONEUM
Rheumatic Fever is a complication of: STREP THROAT
Fungal infection of the skin is: MYCOSES
Health care associated infections: NOSOCOMIAL INFECTIONS
Fungi that causes most infections of the skin, hair, and nails is: DERMATOPHYTES
The four factors that affect virulence of bacteria: ADHESION, COLONIZATION, INVASION, TOXINS
Langerhan cells, plays a role in defense of pathogens are located in what layer of skin: EPIDERMIS
What kind of bacteria is Strep pneumonia: GRAM POSITIVE
Warts are caused by: HPV
Which is not part of the lower respiratory tract: PHARYNX
Subcutaneous Mycosis occurs where: TROPICS
Mold producing penicillin is an example of what type of symbiosis: AMENSALISM
All of the following are examples of vehicle transmission except: INSECTS (VECTORS)
A symbiosis when both members benefit is: MUTALISM
TB organism falls under what genus: MYCOBACTERIUM
Microbes present on our body are called: CONTAMINATION
Infection generally caused by group A strep : ERYSIPELAS
Impetigo is caused by: STAPH AUREUS INFECTION
Organism in normal flora of upper respiratory tract: STAPH AUREUS
Several infectious agents establish themselves at same site : MIXED INFECTION
What do we call the degree or extent of disease evoking power of a microorganism: VIRULENCE
Parrott Fever is caused by what kind of pneumonia: CHLAMYDIS PSITTACI
Pathogen that spreads from one site to infect another site is: FOCAL INFECTION
The human flu virus is type A,B,C, and D. Which is most virulent: TYPE A
Tinea infection in the groin is : “JOCK ITCH”
Chickenpox and shingles are caused by: VARICELLA ZOSTER
Scarlet fever is caused by: STREP PYOGENES
SARS is caused by what virus: CORONAVIRUS
The papillary layer of the skin is part of what tissue: DERMIS
Symbiotic relationship in which one benefits and the other is not harmed or helped: COMMENSALISM
Agent responsible for acne: PROPIONIBACTERIUM ACNES
Microorganism that produces anthrax: BACILLUS ANTHRACIS
What is the cause of an infection called that is caused by UTI in the hospital: LATROGENIC
Tinea Pedis is called: “ATHLETES FOOT”
Chronic localized subcutaneous infection characterized by verrucoid lesions on the skin is CHROMOBLASTOMYCOSIS
Variola virus of the orthopoxvirus family causes the acute disease: SMALL POX
What agent causes toxic shock syndrome: STAPH AUREUS
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