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Gilman DNA Unit

What is another name for deoxyribonucleic acid? DNA
The material that contains information that determines inherited characteristics is? DNA
What pairs with adenine? (one of four possible bases in a string of DNA) Thymine
Name a subunit of DNA that consists of a sugar, a phosphate, and a nitrogenous base. Nucleotide
What is the complement of guanine? Cytosine
What letters represent the four bases? A, T, G, C
What did Rosalind Franklin show the shape of DNA to be when using X-ray diffraction? a spiral
Watson and Crick build a DNA model in what shape? a long,twisted ladder
What are the sides of the DNA "ladder" made of? sugar and phosphate
What are the "rungs" of the DNA ladder made of? pair of bases
Where does a DNA molecule split when copied? down the middle
What ribonucleic acid copies DNA and goes to the ribosome? Messenger RNA
What is the cell organelle where protein is synthesized? Ribosome
Name the type of RNA that delivers amino acids to make a protein. Transfer RNA
What is a change in DNA sequence that can be helpful, harmful or make no change at all? Mutation
What is a string of nucleotides that has instructions for a certain trait? Gene
What is a messenger RNA matched with when fed through the ribosome? Transfer RNA
What do three bases code for? one Amino Acid
In what type of mutation is one base left out? Deletion
What is a tobacco plant with a firefly gene that makes it glow an example of? Genetic Engineering
What describes the relationship between genes and DNA? Genes contain DNA
Do Genes contain DNA? Yes
DNA is made of what subunits? Nucleotides
Nucleotides are made of a sugar, a phosphate, and a what? Base
Who discovered that the amount of adenine in DNA always equals the amount of thymine? Rosalind Franklin
What is the first step in making a protein? RNA copying DNA
In what type of mutation is a base added to a gene? Insertion
What is it called when DNA is used to identify who committed a crime? DNA fingerprinting
What causes genetic disorders such as sickle cell anemia? Mutations
What is the complementary strand to the DNA sequence TAGTCA? ATCAGT
Genes have instructions for making what? Proteins
Sickle Cell Anemia is caused by which type of mutation? Substitution
Name the first step of DNA replication. A strand of DNA splits down the middle.
Name the type of mutation where on base is replaced by another. Substitution
Name what is shaped like a double helix and determines inherited characteristics. DNA
What molecule makes a mirror copy of sections of of DNA and helps make proteins? RNA
What is a change in DNA caused by random errors or mutagens? Mutation
What material, made of amino acids, causes most of the differences in organisms? Proteins
Created by: ellist