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Duff 11.1

Duff NT Greek 11 - 2nd Aorist verbs vs pres vs imperfect Parsing Practice

ἁμαρτανω I am sinning
ἡμαρτανον I was sinning
ἡμαρτον I sinned
ἀποθνῃσκεις You are dying
ἀπεθνῃσκες You were dying
ἀπεθανες You died
βαλλει He is throwing
ἐβαλλεν He was throwing
ἐβαλεν He threw
εὑρισκομεν We are finding
εὑρομεν We found
καταλειπετε You are leaving
κατελειπετε You were leaving
κατελιπετε You left
λαμβανουσιν They are taking
ἐλαμβανον They were taking
ἐλαβον They took
μανθανω I am learning
ἐμανθανον I was learning
ἐμαθον I learned
πασχεις You are suffering
ἐπασχες You were suffering
ἐπαθες You suffered
πινει He is drinking
ἐπινεν He was drinking
ἐπιεν He drank
φευγομεν We are fleeing
ἐφευγομεν We were fleeing
ἐφυγομεν We fled
καταβαινετε You are going down
κατεβαινετε You were going down
κατεβηντε You went down
γινωσκουσιν They know
ἐγνον They knew
ἐγινωσκον They were knowing
ἀγω I lead
ἠγαγον I led
ἐχεις You have
ἐσχες You had
πιπτει He is falling
ἐπεσεν He fell
γινεται He is becoming
ἐγενετο He was becoming
ἐγινετο He became
ἐρχομεθα We are coming
ἠλθομεν We came
ἠρχομεθα We were coming
λεγετε You are saying
εἰπετε You said
ἐσθιουσιν They are eating
ἐφαγον They ate
ὁραω I am seeing
εἰδον I saw
φερει He is carrying
ἠνεγκεν He carried
Created by: 606660011